A few more days of uncertainty

I spoke to Fran for about a half hour yesterday. There was some issues with my monitoring clinic releasing the results to Cooper because the credit card on file wouldn't go through which may have been a bank related problem which Fran got straightened out as soon as possible - in any event, that on top of a few other concerns have us all (Dr. Choe, Fran and myself) thinking its time to look at a new monitoring clinic. So, I'll probably be switching for this next cycle. Fran was going to get in touch with them as soon as possible to find out any neccessary info, and if they do endometrial biopsies for monitoring patients (RBA wouldn't, which is one problem). I don't know for sure that I'll be having the biopsy done, but Dr. Choe wants to review the original ultrasound films before making the final go/no-go decision on that. I was supposed to have my first one done today, so if she gets the films from RBA today, I guess I would probably go in tomorrow for one. If Dr. Choe decides its not neccessary, then hopefully I can stop meds this evening, get on Provera and get working on my period so we can start for Septembers cycle/transfer.

So, hopefully today will be the last day of uncertainty, I'm hoping RBA got those u/s films into FEDEX and overnighted them yesterday and that I'll hear something from Fran by this afternoon about the final decision regarding my next step. Either way, I should be on Provera by mid next week at the latest.

My progesterone was a little lower than they wanted - in the mid-20's and they want it at least at a 30, up to a 40. So, I may have to increase my PIO or suppositories next time to supplement. My estrogen dropped to 460-something from 1800+ a few days prior, I thought that was amazing. I am assuming my LH was nice and low, as Fran didn't mention it. My ovaries seem to at least be cooperative and I'm not ovulating through the meds which is good.

My injection this morning went really well - I'm getting much more proficient and much more relaxed I think. It was making me sick to my stomach the first few times, and I have been SO sore. I found out, after watching an online instructional video, that I was doing them too low - so we'll see if the new placement helps, and I've been sitting with a heating pad behind me as much as possible which helps keep everything relaxed. I do have a huge painful welt on my rear end and I think it's from yesterday's stupidity - thanks to the EMLA I am completely numb to the needle, but because of that I wasn't thinking AT ALL and totally repositioned myself (with the needle completely embedded) yesterday, and even as I did it I was thinking "Oh that's gonna hurt!" So, I have a feeling the nasty lump is because of that. I won't be doing that again!

I am so glad its Friday! Kenneth has today completely off, though he has lots to catch up on. He's definitely going to KSU this semester and has to go pick up a course catalog and hoping he can get into the classes he needs at decent times. We've already figured out that with my transfer most likely being the 1st/2nd week of September there's just no way he can come; so he'll be able to stay home with Kent and as long as his schedule allows Kenneth to either drop Kent off at daycare or get him on the bus then we can work the rest out. That most likely means I'll be on bedrest alone... I don't love that idea, but I don't dislike it either - I always do well with some down time. I'll take some nice aromatherapy candles, a few sappy movies and will rest as much as possible. The only downside to going alone is that I will have to get up to answer the door when food orders come etc., but other than that I won't need to get up except for bathroom breaks. I will try to keep everything on the bed within reach. (Books, magazines, snacks, etc.) I can't wait to get to transfer and get going on this pregnancy with my IPs! I'm SO excited everytime I think about it!! :)

Hopefully I'll have more concrete news by tomorrow!


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