Baseline Tomorrow!

Well old Aunt Flo decided to show up on time over the weekend, and Fran said to count today (Monday) as CD1 since it is the first full day of flow. So, I'm waiting for a call back from Georgia Reproductive Specialist (GRS) to schedule my appt for tomorrow morning. I'm hoping things go well at the new clinic! I'm really excited about this cycle.

My meds should be here this morning - delestrogen and vivelle dot patches. Hopefully I'll get to start those tomorrow after my call back from Cooper! I can't wait to inject myself again!!! :) I know it will cause pain, and soreness, but I'm so ready to cycle and get to transfer, I really don't mind all of that! I will make it through, and we will have a beautiful pregnancy because of it all so it is definitely worth it! :) (Thinking positively, can you tell?)

I will post my blood and u/s results tomorrow!


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