Baseline Completed, We're Cycling Again!

So, I had my baseline at GRS on Tuesday, my lining was nice and thin (I didn't get the number though) and my estradiol was 30.8, my progesterone was 1.5 and I was given the ok to start meds that night! I had to take my shot in a public restroom at Dave & Busters because we were out late after our first day in roject Analyst training - it was fun being out though! The food was great, and I loved playing the games at the arcade! My hand was shaking hard doing the injection though, because right as I got the needle in, a HUGE group of people came in and were walking past my stall and making all sorts of noise, it was really weird! I did the shot well though, because I had ZERO pain from it, even now 2 days later I can't even tell where I did the shot! I was very happy about that, I guess I must have learned something from all those PIO injections I didn't do so well!

Anyhow, I get to take another shot and change out my vivelle patch tomorrow. Here's my schedule:
8/22 CD3 - blood and ultrasound at GRS, .15cc Delestrogen, 1 vivelle dot patch
8/25 CD6 - .25cc Delestrogen, change out patch, replace with 2 patches
8/28 CD9 - Blood only - E2 and P4. Change patches; put 4 Vivelle Dot patches on
8/29 CD10 - .35cc Delestrogen
8/31 CD12 - Blood (E2 and P4) and ultrasound. Change patches; put 5 Vivelle Dot patches on
9/1 CD13 - .35cc Delestrogen
9/3 CD15 - Blood (E2 and P4) and ultrasound. Change patches; put 5 Vivelle Dot patches on. Wait for continued instructions.
9/4 CD16 - Possible start of PIO
9/7 CD19 - Probable FET (if I don't need to stay on estrogen for a couple more days, which I have in the past, which pushes us back about 2 days).

I'm just waiting for Fran to confirm those appointments, and send the orders to GRS so I can get the actual appointments scheduled, the earlier the better! My IM called me yesterday and left a VM saying she'd spoken to her friend who is very knowledgeable about the field of IVF in Atlanta, and said she had very good things to say about GRS and recommended we use one particular doctor. I will try to make sure I request her for my ultrasounds.

In any event, we're trucking along and are not too far away from transfer! Part of me has my fingers crossed that I'll respond better to the meds this time and my lining will be thick enough at my 9/3 ultrasound that we can go ahead and transfer on the 7th, but based on past experience, my mind says that is simply wishful thinking!

I'd better get back to it! :) I'll update when I know more about what's next!


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