Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits

This is one of those quick, tasty, rich treats that came about due to a couple other recipes that had been made at similar times but had leftover components. I had a jar of really delicious chocolaty granola that was apparently a little on the "sweet" side to be considered ideal for breakfast, and a Tupperware of raspberry sauce that was gorgeous and delicious and needed the "perfect" way to use and enjoy it.

I often have some sort of original or vanilla yogurt in the refrigerator as well, and decided a beautiful yogurt parfait would be a great way to combine those two recipes into a tasty and memorable treat. It really, really is! The raspberry sauce was very sweet, so you don't need a whole lot to give a lot of sweetness and flavor, the granola adds a wonderful depth of flavor and texture too, and of course the vanilla yogurt gives you a delicious mild "base" to hold the other goodies.

This past weekend seriously FLEW by... Lindsey spent the weekend with her dad, and Kent, Kylie and I went to a get together on Saturday afternoon where we ended up staying and chatting until past 11:00pm. It was really good to get the chance to be social and hang out, play games, share food, and chit chat with other people. I don't get the chance to be nearly as social as I would like to be most of the time. I am such a people person! I love any excuse to cook for a get together as well - Kylie and I made a pumpkin pie and an apple crisp to take with us, along with about 3/4 of the yummy chocolate caramel bundt cake I made recently. Everyone made a pretty good dent in what we brought, but we still have about half a 9x13 pan of apple crisp to enjoy (which was delicious - I will definitely be sharing that one with you soon)!

After our social afternoon / evening, we all slept in a little before spending a good chunk of the early afternoon running a lot of errands. I had to order a new garage door - my new-to-me 35 year old house has a lot of "old parts" that are wearing out, and the garage door chose this past week to be one of them. I'm excited about the replacement one though, it's the carriage style that I've always loved. So that will be one more little thing that's swapped out and changed, updated and new. The list is still really, really long. The shed needs to be repaired / replaced, the decks need repairs, we need a new AC / HVAC unit for the lower part of the house (the renovated basement), some electrical work / repairs, a couple plumbing repairs, and then there are the "big" things that are on the "someday" list like new windows, remodeling the master bathroom, etc.

The next small / big ticket items are the plumbing and electrical repairs; hopefully we can start working on getting that in place in the next month or so. We have a couple outlets that don't work, several that were installed weird and stick out of the wall at somewhat odd angles, and a few light fixtures that need troubleshooting / repair / replacement. The water line on the icemaker also runs and causes leaks down into the bottom of the freezer and sometimes out onto the floor, so that definitely needs to be looked at too. Oh the joys! :) One day at a time though, one project at a time.

Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits

1/4 cup Trail Mix Granola
1 cup vanilla yogurt
2 - 3 TBS raspberry sauce

  1. Place half the yogurt in the bottom of a mason jar, or parfait cup. Spoon on half the raspberry sauce, topped with half of the yogurt. Repeat these layers.
  2. Dig in - enjoy! 


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