Weekends in a French Kitchen

You may have heard about "French Fridays with Dorie" - I actually just a week or so ago hopped over to the website hoping to jump on in and start participating (I just ordered a copy of her cook book). However, as I started browsing through I realized they were DONE!! They'd cooked the whole book and were saying their good-byes.

I said oh well, I guess I'll just work my way through my cookbooks on my own instead. I've just recently started focusing on meal planning again and one of my days of the week is dedicated to "Cook The Books" to pick one cook book recipe a week, from an actual hard copy cook book I have gracing the shelves in various locations of my home.

Then I just so happened to see "Weekends in a French Kitchen" pop up on Cam's blog... what's this??! I scurried over to read to see what Cam was up to... and oh my! A new group dedicated to cooking their way through not just one, but TWO french cook books!! Yes please!! I signed up right away, and ordered both books. Now to wait for them to arrive so I can dive on in.

I can't wait!! I love having a group to work my way through a recipe with, and love that we will be working our way through these cook books together. So much fun! I can't wait to get started!!

Hop over the website now and learn more about the Three French Hens and this awesome project!

If you want to join in, or just check out the books, I've added the links to them on amazon below:


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