Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter! I had fun last night working on Easter Baskets for my boys and filling 33 plastic eggs with goodies to hide around the house for Kent to hunt. This has been a tradition ever since his grandparent's moved out of the area and we started having Easter with just the three of us. We hide eggs usually in the living room, though we branched out to the kitchen and dining room this year, and Kent gets to find them in the morning when he wakes up.

He had a good time finding all of his goodies and looking through his basket. Way too much candy this year - I couldn't help myself. I think some of it will be finding it's way to work with me. :)

After breakfast (I picked up cinnamon rolls at Panera bread yesterday - YUMM!) we all relaxed for a little while and then Kent and I started fixing our big Easter lunch. We waited over an hour yesterday for a Honeybaked Ham but dadgum it, it was worth it! That is a once a year splurge for us, and they are SO good! Kent and I went to the store yesterday afternoon, we got there a little before 5pm and were told they'd sold out of ham but had more on the way, so we drove just down the road to The Avenues and Kent hung out at Barnes and Noble while I meandered around the stores a little and got some banana ice cream with gummy worms from Coldstone! Kent had to help me finish it though, man their ice cream is RICH! I met up with Kent at Barnes and Noble and browsed through a baby name book until it was time to head back over to Honeybaked. Thankfully they had a ham for us this time and we put our treasure in the car and headed on home victorious.

To accompany the star of the meal, we fixed Corn Casserole, Macaroni & Cheese, steamed broccoli, and homemade Buttermilk Biscuits. It was a delicious and very filling meal and after eating I conked out on the couch for about 2 hours. I was apparently pretty worn out! I woke up thinking about apple pie... but considering I still have cookies I just baked in a Tupperware, I had better hold off on more baking this weekend! :)


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