Survival Rates by Gestational Age

I saw a chart on another surrogate's blog about survival rates and gestational age and ran a search and found this chart which I found fascinating!! I found it on this website. It shows the median survival percentage by weight and gestaitional age and then the ranges within each gesational age by weight as well!

Figure 1 shows the proportional survival of singleton European infants known to be alive at the onset of labour.

Infants from multiple births had, for the same birth weight, gestation, and ethnic origin as singleton infants, a greater chance of survival (odds ratio 1.4, 1.1 to 1.8).

Here's a handy grams to pounds converter!
This is the graph I'd seen on the other blog:

Anyhow, nothing particularly exciting or specific to our pregnancy today - just some things I was looking up and thought I'd share! :) Feeling pretty wiped out today and have had two people ask me how I'm feeling and saying I haven't been looking like I feel well the past couple days... :( Always nice to be politely told you look like crud! :D I just need more rest I think and daydream about bed most of the day!

Looking forward to tomorrow's ultrasound!! Yay!! :)


  1. LOL... I see you found my chart! I loved reading these stats. Every week gets us closer and closer to healthy babies. Just hoping we can both make it to full term!

  2. Yes I did!! :D I love stuff like that - it's fascinating to see how it changes even just week to week. Every week can make such a great difference! And I agree - full term healthy happy babies for both of us and our IPs PLEASE! :D


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