23w6d - soooo tired....!

I am excited for another "rollover day" tomorrow and being at 24 weeks, but I am also completely wiped out... it seems to fluctuate back and forth, but my fatigue level is increasing lately for sure. I was afraid it would end up that way since I wasn't able to rest much this weekend.

Backing up a little the PBO is officially DONE!! Jenn and Chad are officially the girls' parents and all the legal documentation is in place for them to go directly on the birth certificate. PBO day is a great milestone and I am thrilled that's done and in place! Next we'll make an appointment with the hospital to meet with a few people there, make sure they have copies of everything (including insurance, PBO, etc.) and have a chance to ask our questions and do a tour. Since I've not delivered there I am looking forward to seeing the layout and getting an idea of where everything is.

I've been having some braxton hicks I think - sometimes I notice it across the top of my abdomen where it just feels very taut all of a sudden and is uncomfortable and othertimes I am getting them low and it aches for about 30 seconds and feels tight before letting up. All signs and acknowledgements of the growing going on! No regular pattern and nothing that's all that painful, just annoying more than anything so that is good but I think I am beginning to wonder how much longer I will physically be able to handle my "normal" routine. I don't feel "bad" or anything yet, I feel ok most of the time, but between the increased fatigue and the braxton hicks starting up lately I know my body is definitely asking for some slowing down, at least a little.

Normally I try to do that as much of the weekend as possible to be able to make it through the work week in decent shape, but this past weekend was pretty hectic and I didn't get as much down time as I probably needed! On Saturday the alarm went off at 6:15am and I was up not long after and getting breakfast ready for Kent, waking him up at about 6:40 so he'd have time to eat a good, hot meal and wake up a little before we headed over to the local high school for his SAT test (as part of the Duke TIP program). I got him checked in (after standing outside in the COLD for about 15 minutes waiting for them to unlock the doors and let the big group of students IN!!) around 8:00am and headed back home. I crawled straight back into bed and slept for about 3 more hours before getting up, showering and running a couple errands and getting some laundry going.

I picked up Kent around 1:30pm and we headed back home. He was pretty wiped out after the long morning so we didn't do more than a few chores around the house and he played some game time while I relaxed and played on the computer for a little while. It was time to get ready for my company Awards Banquet by about 4:00pm and I left for that at about 4:45. It was a great evening and the Fernbank Museum was a wonderful location for it! Affairs to Remember did a beautiful job with the catering and even sent some leftovers home with me! Yumm!!

I was exhausted by 10pm and happy to head home and crawl back into bed. I slept 'til 8:00, had some quiet time in the house in the morning until Kent got up and then fixed us a good breakfast of French Toast, eggs and bacon around 10:00am when he finally was up and moving! Not long after breakfast I headed back to bed for another nap. After I got back up in the afternoon we pulled down a few of the Christmas boxes from the attic! We got the living room rearranged, the tree up and a few decorations out. I put less than a third of my normal decorations up this year because I didn't want to have to move more boxes from the attic and as long as the tree and stockings are up and a few of my favorite snowmen I'm happy! I was getting some strong braxton hicks after all the moving stuff around so I laid on the couch and listened to Christmas music and sipped some water while Kent put most of the decorations on the tree after he put the whole tree together by himself! He's such a great helper!

After we got all the decorations out and put the rubbermaids away in the guest room we got everything vacuumed up and looking decent again and then I took him over to the The Avenues for a Barnes and Nobles visit and a brief stop at GameStop - his two favorite stores. He got to use his birthday gift certificate at B&N and I had a decaf peppermint mocha and read one of the many cooking books that I am always drawn to while he browsed! I do enjoy spending time there and it was relaxing, but I was still feeling pretty wiped out and was ready to go home. We warmed up leftovers for dinner and watched a couple shows together and called it "quits" around 8:00pm! I think we were both tired after a couple busy days and I slept pretty soundly last night. I woke up feeling about as tired as I went to bed feeling though and am thinking a nap is in order at some point today. It is nice to have lots of great leftovers to enjoy for the next couple days, no worrying about what to fix for lunches or dinner - just reheat some leftovers and I'm all set! :) I used a couple pieces of the salmon fillets from the catering leftovers to make a sandwich and put some of the really yummy green beans in a tupperware for lunch today.

This week's projects are to get Christmas cards filled out and addressed and get the digital keychains I bought for most of my far away family as presents loaded with pictures and wrapped so I can do my "mass mailing" on Saturday and be done with that - and now that we have the tree up I can start wrapping everything else and getting things under the tree! I always look forward to some quiet time with the tree lights on when it's dark out in the evenings before bed time... very relaxing and a great way to end the day!


  1. UMM, where's the belly pic! LOL! I raced to read so I could get to the pic at the end, I was robbed! LOLOLOL!! Sending you some energy vibes sweetie!! Give Kent a big ol hug from me! xoxoxo!

  2. Hey Rebekah... I love reading about your symptoms, reassuring me that me and these twins are cruising right along experiencing the same ones!

    My DD is also part of the Duke TIP program and was going to take the SAT this month but we weren't able to fit it into our schedules. :( I would've loved for her to be able to get the experience!

    You're doing a great job with those babies! Keep it up!


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