24w3d - ultrasound update!

I was hoping to have a picture to link up but haven't gotten a copy yet - but our ultrasound yesterday went just great! The girls are absolutely adorable and we got to see them moving around and showing off for a good while between three different people doing scans! My favorite moment was when we could see what looked like baby B "petting" her sister's head... it was the CUTEST!!

** Edited to add ultrasound picture!!!

Both girls are being perfect little ladies and are practicing heading in the right direction and were head down during the scan. The first thing we saw when she put the wand on my belly was two round heads! So cute!! :D They both behaved very nicely and let the sonographer get good images of brain, heart, measurements of the femur, belly, etc. They were moving but weren't being super active (they save that for the middle of the night).

The RE said they are just perfect and I get a gold star! :D My cervix is holding up still right around 4cm again too which was a relief to see. I get nervous with all the pressure and heavy sensations and knowing there is over 3 lbs of baby in there now (each weighing in about 1 lb 9 oz according to u/s measurements) along with all that fluid, etc. So far so good though, hoping to keep it that way throughout the end of February at least! Counting down to the 30 week milestone between now and then...

After the scan Jenn gave me my Christmas present of a gift certificate for a pedicure at a spa which was SUPER sweet and I'm very excited about!! One of these weekends I am going to have enough downtime to go out and enjoy it and I know my feet will appreciate it! :)

I am counting down this final week until Kenneth is home and am feeling sort of numb about the fact he'll be gone right after his visit home... I know in my head that's what's happening, I keep thinking and talking about it, but it honestly isn't fully sinking in yet... it is VERY different having him a state or two away versus in another country in a war zone and I think I'm still sort of blocking out how I really feel about it all... I feel ok with everything still... which is why I think I'm not quite to the "acceptance" stage, more in denial still! :) I am going to miss him terribly and really miss his phonecalls. He trys to call at least for a few minutes most nights despite their crazy busy schedule and I always look forward to hearing his voice and getting to catch up and share what's going on over here and hear how he's doing... I will miss those exchanges and that connection.

I've had two late nights at work now and am ready for the weekend!! I have my final Christmas shopping lists for family and was able to get a couple of the Washington family items in the mail today, the rest should be able to go out tomorrow as long as I can stop either on the way home tonight or first thing tomorrow for one last item. I am debating on whether or not to brave the Post Office which I KNOW is going to be packed and will require standing in line and maybe just mail the package from work on Monday using USPS.com for postage... I really dislike standing in lines at the Post Office! Ours is pretty tiny and it gets so hectic this time of year. I wrapped a few items and got them under the tree last night and am looking forward to getting a few more done over the weekend - clearing some space on my "wrapping table" (aka the dining room table) and getting the tree loaded up! :D

I guess that's the update for now! Babies are good and I'm doing well - next perinatologist appointment is early January and then we "graduate" to bi-weekly appointments as we'll be in the THIRD TRIMESTER by that point! :)


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