The Sockeroo!

If you visit Kym at "The Smartness" you will learn all you ever wanted to know about "The Sockeroo" - it is a fun exchange amongst bloggers of (you'll never guess) SOCKS!! Warm fuzzy, wrap your toes up in something cute, cool or funky, socks! Along with exchanging socks, you post a pic on your blog, link back to the blogger who sent them to you and also post about a topic - this year the topic is:

It has been roughly a year and a half since the last SITM Exchange. Reflect on the past 18 or so months – how has support from others, either in the blogosphere or otherwise, helped you?

Actually my post from yesterday sort of fits right into this one. The support I have found in SMO (, friends I have made through SMO, connections through the blog, and my family and my IPs are amazing. You don't realize how much support you actually have until you need it and though I feel like having a few emotional days and needing to vent and cry about it a little isn't THAT huge in the scheme of things, it was a call for support and I really felt supported and cared about and was reminded of just how many are there for me if and when I need them. In general I much prefer to be the one GIVING support, but sometimes you need to let your walls down and let others in and it is such a huge relief and blessing to know I can and there will be a gentle place to land if I need to fall, even for just a little while.

As for the past 18 months... my gosh how much has happened in that amount of time?! In March 2010 I was very newly pregnant with my last surrobaby, "S" and honestly going through a fairly rough time in my life in addition to the pregnancy and surrogacy. My mother had passed away in November and I sort of had a mid-life crisis moment and was questioning my relationship, my family, my life, my choices - everything. I didn't lean on the people I should have probably, though I thought I was at the time, and things were difficult for a long time. Thanks to a lot of patience and love from my husband and family and some good counseling over the many following months eventually the world that seemed completely upside down for awhile righted itself and I found a "new" normal. I still miss my mom like crazy... we're coming up on the 2nd anniversary of her death and I miss her so much - so many moments I wish I could call or e-mail her about and share what's going on in my life and just hear her voice, her laughter and her love... I hold her very closely in my heart every day and am glad I can "share" her still with my brother and sister... and though this may seem weird, I actually have some of her ashes here at the house because we have been talking (for almost 2 years now!) about taking a trip of some sort - my brother, sister and I - to scatter her ashes somewhere special and meaningful. We haven't gotten around to actually taking the trip, and I am the keeper of the ashes until then. As weird as it may seem, it has become sort of reassuring to have such a physical reminder of her here with me. I think I am probably the only one of the three of us kids that would and does feel that way about it though! :) It's such a reminder of how differently we all handle and process grief and loss.

Ok, this post has sort of run down all sorts of rabbit trails! :) I guess in summary it has been a very eventful 18 months of my life, filled with some pretty dark lows and many great high moments as well. I am grateful for all of it, and most of all grateful for those who have walked the many miles with me - been by my side offering friendship and love and just being there whenever I needed a hug or a shoulder or an ear and hopefully I have been there for them as well!

So, without further ado - the AWESOME pair of warm fuzzy socks I received from Andy at Today's the Day with a very cool note that I really enjoyed reading. It was so cool to get something from where Andy lives and I wish I had thought to look for something local to send to my sockeroo-ee! :)


  1. It sounds like it's been an eventful 18 months.

    LOVE the socks, btw.


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