10w3d - feeding the endless pit!

I stayed home today to try to keep my feet up as much as possible. I've been having some old blood discharge the past three days and just felt like taking it easy today was the right thing to do. I am able to stay in touch with the office during the day so was able to get some work done from here.

I have been hungry it feels like every waking moment of today! The biggest problem is nothing sounds good and I can't think of anything to fix myself to eat... so today so far I've eaten:

2 tangerines
several powdered mini donuts
1 large red apple
1 banana
BLT on whole wheat hoagie roll
Lunchables with turkey, cheddar cheese and crackers
Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs

That's through lunch...! I put in beef stew ingredients into the crock pot so at least I know I'll have a good hearty filling dinner to enjoy this evening. I am still hungry at the moment and am thinking about fixing an egg and toast - that, cereal or soup are my "go to" items when I'm hungry and need something to eat pretty quickly. Keeping from getting hungry with twins is quite a challenge in itself. I hope it means these two are getting what they need to grow, big, strong and happy! :)


  1. Rebekah, protein really helped me with the constant hunger pit when I was pregnant with my twins. I ate plenty of fruit, veggies, and healthy carbs (granola bars were my go-to), but I noticed that when I ate proteins it seemed to help better. I got in the habit of keeping a roasted chicken in the house so that I could just pull off a few pieces when I needed to without the hassle of cooking it myself. Or I'd eat a heaping teaspoon of peanut butter or snack on some trail mix. Boiled eggs are easy snacks, too. It might work for you, too! :)


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