A Great Weekend!

It was a busy but fun Saturday! I got up around 7am to get ready to leave around 8am to head to Ellijay to meet Ken, Donna and Kent at an apple orchard for some apple picking.

 We all arrived around 10am and checked out the store and all the goodies available! They had lots of fresh produce along with all the baked goodies.

Stopped to take a picture of Kent with his Nana and the beautiful scenery behind!

 We went to the apple cannon first and Kent and Ken got to take a few turns attempting to hurl apples out of an air cannon at targets!

 Then Kent spent a bunch of time at the petting zoo, visiting with little pigs, turkeys, puppies, ducks, chickens, bunnies and a sweet little calf!

We walked through the orchards exploring and finding our way around.

We went on a "hay ride" around the property and saw pumpkin patches, corn fields and of course rows and rows of apple trees!

After the hay ride we went to find the different types of apples we each wanted (Kent wanted mostly Fujis while Ken and Donna wanted the Red Delicious!) We found our apples and eventually made our way back out. I think we spent about 2 hours at the Orchard.

It was a beautiful day and I'm so glad Donna suggested going early, it got crowded and really hot by the time we were heading out! It was absolutely beautiful though, and I loved all those green trees with that big blue sky above. Just gorgeous! We stopped in town and had lunch at a fantastic little cafe and I absolutely stuffed myself with yummy tomato basil bisque and a club sandwich before Kent and I said our goodbyes and got in the car for the drive home. Kent was pretty worn out but he really had a good time visiting with his Nana and Papa and I'm so glad he had the chance to do that over his break! Back to school and the real world this week! :)

I am so excited that Kenneth comes home this evening! His graduation and swearing in ceremony are today and then he gets on a plane to come HOME for ALMOST a week! :) I am taking a couple days off to be home with him and there are a few things I've "saved" for him to hopefully fix while he's home, but hopefully other than a few to-do's and getting to see some of his family while he's home it will be a good restful week for him. :)


  1. Aww, YAY! So glad your hunnybunch is coming home, that's awesome!


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