11w6d - 3 days 'til NT Scan!

I am totally counting down for Thursday afternoon and our nuchal translucency screening; I cannot wait to see these two and see how they're growing and how big they're getting! :)

Kent and I had a pretty good weekend, got some errands run on Saturday and even went to a movie on Saturday afternoon. We saw Captain America and I thoroughly enjoyed too much popcorn and some yummy slushie! :) I say this tentatively but hopefully, but I really am starting to feel "better". Less tired and less nausea as of the past few days... fingers crossed it stays this way! I still took it pretty easy over the weekend and sat and laid on the couch quite a bit, but I didn't actually nap either day which I think is a first! And I didn't feel completely wiped out like I have been. Tired still, yes, but definitely better! The queasiness comes and goes - generally it's "fixed" as soon as I eat something and only acts up when I need to eat.

We shopped at Sam's on Saturday and one of the things we brought home was a box of frozen potstickers that only take 12 minutes stove top and they are SOO good! I was so excited to find them! I'd been having a huge potsticker craving from Nothing But Noodles a couple weeks back only to find out the Nothing But Noodles closed down! The sauce packet that comes with the ones I just got is very similar to the dipping sauce from the Nothing But Noodles ones, so I had some happy food moments this weekend! :) I also ended up eating cereal THREE times yesterday! I end up eating each meal twice, plus snacks it seems. So my first breakfast (when my grumbling stomach woke me up around 7am) was honey nut cheerios, went back to sleep for about 3 hours and woke up and make 2nd breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham, cheese and mushrooms and some toast. First lunch was Special K with a banana and some potstickers, 2nd lunch was an egg salad sandwich and 2 pickles. First dinner I am now blanking on, and 2nd dinner, right before bed time was another bowl of Special K with a banana!

I am ready for 2nd breakfast now and am thinking some oatmeal and a peach sounds good so I'm off to fix more food! :) Counting down the next couple days to see Jenn and her babies again! Yippee!! :)


  1. 2nd breakfast, HA! You sound like a Hobbit! I LOVE 2nd breakfast!! Glad you are feeling better and I hope it continues and that 2nd trimester energy kicks in soon! xoxo!

  2. we found out the sex of little man at the NT scan!!! hopefully you guys can find out something too!! glad you're feeling better too!


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