Potstickers, Lo Mein and Eggrolls - Oh My!

I have figured out today my cravings are becoming more and more asian-centric! It is the weirdest thing! I have never had chinese cravings during pregnancy before. Maybe once or twice when sesame chicken sounded good or something like that, but for about the past week I've wanted potstickers every day, I wanted to make stir fry last night but Kent wasn't interested (so I just had potstickers by themselves)! And today for lunch the only thing that sounds even REMOTELY good is egg drop soup and some house lo-mein from the nearby Chinese restaurant... This is definitely becoming a theme! I wonder how much longer it will last?! At least there are lots of options with chinese and good veggies and protein in there! :) I am definitely having a sensitive stomach day. Breakfast tasted good, but each bite brought a wave of nausea and when I attempted the seafood salad I had bought the other day I thought I was going to have to run straight to the bathroom after one bite. So those ideas went out the window and I decided to go ahead and call Chin Chin's and order something. I cannot believe how much eating out I am doing this time around but I am so PICKY and there are very specific things that sound good at certain times and that's the only thing I am interested in even trying to eat... I don't know if that will change much or not over time, but at least with my energy levels starting to come back up I can make a point to try to cook more at home, even if it is cooking to my very specific tastes at that particular moment in time!


  1. I'm also loving Chinese AND Mexican food! I hear ya on only wanting certain things, and having those things over and over. If I'm hungry at night, I can only eat a peanut butter, banana, and jelly sandwich...and it HAS to be Skippy Natural peanut butter, Smuckers peach preserves, and whole wheat bread. It can't be anything else! Craziness.

  2. hehe! That's cute craving! I just had Chinese food last night and I can see why you're craving it... sooo good!


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