Week 4 of P90X has begun!

Yesterday was Day 1 of Week 4, Yoga X. Blech! But we stuck with it and Kenneth and I finished the 90 minute routine together. My arms in particular have felt very fatigued lately and so Kenneth fixed me a "recovery drink" with some Diet V8 Splash and 1/2 a scoop of whey protein. My arms and legs still feel tired today, but maybe not quite as much as yesterday. I think I'm going to try to have something like that after each workout this week and see how I feel - I am not really sore, my muscles just feel tired! It was really hard to keep my arms up in several of the moves yesterday during yoga, they just felt heavy and tired...!

2 weeks left in January! Time is flying... we've had a lot of time off lately with the ice last week and having yesterday off for MLK Jr. Day - so I know the next couple months until our May 30th Memorial Day Holiday are probably going to feel LONG! :) By then Kenneth will be done with school and may already be gone for training!

Kent has lost a fingernail - he pinched it between something heavy a couple weeks ago. I saw it looked pretty ugly, turning all sorts of different colors under the nail and he'd scraped the skin pretty bad on the tip of his finger. So we soaked it in epsom salt water for a couple days, and were keeping it in a bandaid with neosporin and then all of a sudden the nail was just gone! Yuck! The skin underneath was a little sensitive but over the last few days its toughened up and he says it just itches off and on from healing. The skin looks good and pink, no infection, and it doesn't seem to hurt him, but I feel so bad!! I don't think there's anything we could have done to keep the nail from coming off after he pinched it, but I wish I could have! I just hope the nail grows back in ok in the next couple months - I know its going to take awhile and we're just going to have to keep an eye on it and make sure it stays clear of infection. The nurse said to let it air as much as possible, use a little neosporin and protect it whenever he will be using it, like during the day at school... The crazy thing is he didn't even TELL me he'd hurt it! I saw it myself at the dinner table one night, and it had happened a day or two before that! I swear, he'd cut his finger off and just keep it to himself! BOYS!!!

I had a teleconference yesterday with an ED Coordinator at an agency I applied to - she is sending my profile out to their clinics to see if any of them are interested. I think it would be great to work with them, they seem to have good reviews. But, we'll see whether or not anyone is interested in me as an ED or not! I think in my head I've already accepted that it most likely isn't going to happen so I'm ok with it. I still think it would be GREAT to get to do an egg donation, but realize time isn't on my side for this.

I have been feeling distracted today! Maybe its all this gray weather outside... I just feel a little antsy! I think I'm ready for sunshine and warmer weather, but I know I need to be patient awhile longer! :)


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