The "monthly visitor" has returned

I went on about a week of birth control and stopped taking active pills about 4 days ago now and dear Aunt Flo decided to pay a visit yesterday. This is my first period since delivery and I still can't believe I'm 2 months post partum now! In a lot of ways it is nice to feel back on a schedule of sorts and I've had a lot of bloating and cramping off and on in the past week, so hopefully that will be resolved as well now! I'm a little achy, but not too bad so far - only day 2 though, hopefully it won't be too heavy or painful though.

Kenneth and I are on Day 12 of P90X, legs and back tonight. I skipped the last ab ripper x workout on Tuesday and will see how much if any I can do tonight - whatever I tore in my stomach is still really bothering me when I do certain positions, though most of the day I don't feel anything thankfully. Last night was Yoga X and after about 2 vinyasa/chaturangas I couldn't do plank or upward dog positions anymore because of the stretch in my abdomen, it was pulling in the wrong spot. But I was able to do most of the "yoga belly x" positions, so some ab things I can do, some I just can't right now. I hope it heals soon!! My knee on the other hand is seeming to do MUCH better - no soreness last night... I'm still being careful to pay attention to it and trying not to stress it, but it did fine with the Yoga routine and isn't bothering me at all today so that is good news (especially since we have Kenpo tomorrow and I'll be using my knee a LOT)!

Kenneth goes back to school on Monday, so I think we're going to enjoy a nice quiet weekend together at home and try to get a few projects completed and get the Christmas bins back up to the attic and maybe make a little progress in the basement (aka disaster zone)! :)


  1. Wow post partum only 2 months and you are already doing p90x... you go girl! Super woman!!!

  2. I'm about 2 months postpartum too and am looking forward to getting back on schedule. Did you take the 1 week of BC pills and then stop so you would start your period? If it worked for you I might give that a shot.

  3. Dana yes that's exactly what I did. I know it would have showed up on its own probably around the same time, but I "helped" things along I guess!


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