Another Weekend Come and Gone

We'll be into February after this next weekend! Geez oh Pete - when did that happen? This year is already flying by too quickly...! I am sick and not feeling so hot still. Friday was the worst day, but my head is still really congested and I'm exhausted still today... I spent a lot of Friday and this weekend napping.

I managed to get it together enough to take Kent out for some errands on Saturday, and then home quickly to collapse again for most of the afternoon. We finally got the Christmas rubbermaids back into the attic as well... did I admit that out loud??! Yes, I finally gave up on waiting for my husband to do it or initiate it getting done and Kent and I did it ourselves! Only a couple times did I think I might fall and tumble to my death clutching a green and red rubbermaid filled with various snowman decorated articles... :) But here I am, I survived and Kent didn't have to call 911, so all is well!

I also managed to get through my P90X work outs on Friday and Saturday, even though I wasn't quite sure if I was going to pass out or not once or twice. When you're already exhausted and feeling cruddy those workouts will wipe the floor with you. I did 90 minutes of Yoga X on Saturday and my hips are still feeling it.

Kenneth got home on Sunday afternoon and was pretty worn out himself - he always is after Drill weekends. Crazy to think that really is about his last one! His last day in the Reserves is the day after the next Drill starts, so he'll go for the first day and then be done most likely... feels like we're growing up and finally moving on to the next phase of our lives this year - seems weird to say considering the fact we're almost 30 with a 6th grader, but in a lot of ways that is what it feels like; another chapter finally coming to a close with his time in the Marines being done and Kenneth's college almost done... I'm just ready for that next chapter I guess! :)

I finished listening to "Lipstick Jungle" on audiobook this morning on my way into work. I love listening to books in the car! I have "Pandora's Baby" at home hardcopy, but it takes me so long to get through a hard copy book. It's very interesting so far though, so I hope I find the time to read. You'd think I'd have had plenty of time over this weekend with all the down time I had, but I was so sleepy every time I was laying down on the couch to rest I would sort of doze in and out or actually nap - not ideal for reading a book!

Time for another library visit to pick up another audiobook since I'm still waiting for the ones I reserved a couple weeks ago to make it to our library! I love being able to go online and reserve books - I have always loved the library but the electronic system really is fantastic - and I love that Georgia Pines allows you to access resources from SO many libraries.

Ok, enough of my rambliness I guess. Time to go warm up some cream of wheat and see what I can accomplish today!


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