Week 2 of P90X!

Week two started yesterday! So far doing pretty good with sticking to my meal plans and the workout program. After the first week I do have two sore spots I'm having to baby a little, something in my stomach feels pulled and my bad knee has been a little swollen and sore off and on. It seems fine on the strength days, but the cardio days are hurting still. I'm hoping as long as I don't over do it as a little of the weight comes off and my muscles strengthen both of those issues will heal and be resolved!

I can't believe we're really and truly into a whole new year! Welcome 2011! I am looking forward to all the good things that will happen this year and having the chance to work on myself and improve myself too.

I've been thinking about starting a memoir of sorts, but the few times I've tried to actually write something I always get stuck... I don't know, I think it might be a good project for me! We'll see if I actually get anywhere with it! :)


  1. My knees always feel weak after pregnancy. Not sure if it's the fluid from swelling that cushions them and then it's gone?

    Glad you're doing well!


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