32w5d - FIFTY Day Countdown!!

That is an exciting number to see pop up on the ticker countdown - 50 days to hit our due date!! Woo hoo!! :) I feel like now that we're at this point, I'll be counting both gestational weeks as milestones and everytime we pass another 10 days and drop down to the next level - so now counting down to Saturday October 9th when we'll be at 40 days to go!! I know that October truly is going to fly by and my excitement level is already building, but I think it will truly sink in at some point over the next month that we're really at the END! D-day is just around the corner and then all the "after" stuff! After months and months and months of so much of my focus and attention being with my IPs and this pregnancy, I will have all of that time and attention back for myself and my family! That is exciting too! I have LOVED this pregnancy, I am so glad I get another month to month and a half with Baby S, but I am also thrilled for the "after" and getting to refocus on myself and my family. Get back to my P90X workout program, have energy and time for my boys, and having maternity leave to visit family and work on some projects! I'm super excited for that!! I would love to catch my photo albums up and I know its going to take forever, but maybe if I decide that is my maternity leave project I can make a good dent in it!

I have sort of "fallen off the wagon" with following my meal planning. I've continued to make the plans, but haven't stuck to them much the last couple weeks between just being tired and a lot of work conflicts that have interrupted our "normal" schedule. But today I made the effort to try again. I've gained a couple more pounds over the last 3 weeks than I wanted to at this point, so between that and just not feeling so great I know my eating habits need some attention and really want to make sure me and baby S are getting the right nutrition for our bodies - she needs to grow big and strong these last few weeks together!!

This is the plan for the rest of this week:

Wednesday, September 29th

1 hard boiled egg and 1 pc toast
1 low fat yogurt
1 orange

1 cup 1% milk
1 small banana
1.5 TBS peanut butter on whole wheat

Sweet N Sour Meatballs
Green Beans
½ cup brown rice
½ cup unsweetened applesauce

½ cup light cottage cheese and 1 cup mandarin oranges

Thursday, September 30th

1 scrambled egg w/ ½ oz cheddar cheese
Bagel Thin w/ 2 TBS light cream cheese
1 cup grapes

Chicken Wrap with
Whole wheat tortilla
2 oz. chicken breast
2 leaves shredded romaine
1 TBS light Ranch
.5 oz shredded cheddar
1 apple

Enchiladas and Cheesy Nachos

1 apple and 2 FF fig Newton cookies

Friday, October 1st

1 cup 1% milk with 1 cup cream of wheat
1 small banana
1 scrambled egg w 1 TBS cheese

Tuna sandwich on whole-wheat bread with:
1 TBS light mayo, 1 TBS relish
4 slices cucumber, 1 leaf lettuce
2 med. slices tomatoes
1 small apple
4 oz. 1% cottage cheese

Pizza at Big Pie in the Sky w/ friends

Nutella and Pita Bread

Saturday, October 2nd

Biscuits & Gravy for the boys
Veggie Omelet for me
Fresh Fruit Salad

Mozzarella, Basil & Ham Panini
Baked French Fries
Tossed Salad

BBQ chicken sandwiches
1 cup cooked broccoli
½ cup 1% cottage cheese
sweet potato fries

Orange and Fat Free Pudding

Sunday, October 3rd

Blueberry Coffee Cake
Scrambled Eggs

Brats on Buns w/ condiments
French Fries (baked)
Veggies & Dip


Yogurt & Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers

So this morning I only hit snooze once then got up and put together my lunch, breakfast and snack and am happy with what I packed. I just enjoyed my toast and hardboiled egg after I had my orange earlier this morning. I will probably eat my yogurt soon and then I have a peanut butter sandwich, milk and banana to look forward to for lunch! I really want to make sure I'm getting a good level of protein in since I know that really does contribute towards the weight gain of the baby, and I want to help her be a good healthy size when she arrives! I am so CURIOUS for all the delivery details now!! It's getting to that point where I start wondering how I'll go into labor, how long 'til I'll know its "real", what I'll feel in the days leading up to it, if I'll have any sort of indicators ahead of time, how long will it last, will it be at all like the last one? Will it be different having Kenneth and "L" there to be active support people? Will I feel as great afterwards as I did with Fiona? Will it be different having them in a different room? I am looking forward to resting afterwards, and already looking forward to the meal service they offer at the hospital! I love that I'll get to select what I want for my meals ahead of time, and I still remember the BLT sandwich I had after Fiona's delivery being delicious! (Of course food is always better when someone else fixes it, right?!) :)

I am feeling great, just tired. We had CPR training at work from 4-8pm last night and I got home a little before 9:00 and poor Kent was still up working on homework and I wanted to go to bed SOOOO bad, but we stayed up 'til about 10:00. Once my head hit the pillow I don't remember anything!! I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks, and remember having to make myself leave the bathroom and get back into bed, Kenneth might have found me asleep on the bathroom floor otherwise - I was out of it!

We have more deadlines approaching on the big project I've been working on at the office and I know that's about to crank back up, so no real resting yet! I will just have to start squeezing in naps at work if it gets too bad. I haven't had to do that too often, just once or twice when I really got a bad night of sleep. I feel like I would LIKE one today, but I don't NEED one just yet...!

My IPs are off to Disney for the next few days, and we're hoping we'll be able to get our appointment with the hospital staff maybe late next week. I'm looking forward to it, though I imagine it will pretty much all look the same from when I was there last - but refreshers are always good!! :)


  1. YAY! That is so exciting and you are such an amazing SM. I love how you blog.

    To me 32 weeks is such an important milestone to get past and a relief that the babies will survive even if born pre-term. You are almost 33 weeks so even more the better. Of course we all hope for as close to term as possible but you are past the super high risk now....congrats and keep up the great work baking those babies!!


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