30w5d - 65 Days To Go!!

WOW!! 65 days to go!! Pretty much halfway through September already. Where is the time going?! It's flying by for sure!

We had a whirlwind but fun weekend, Kenneth left for drill on Friday AM so Kent and I had all day Saturday together and then Sunday was a get together at the Reserve Unit for the families in the area. On Saturday we went to The Avenues and stopped at Victoria's Secret and Barnes and Noble. Kent was so excited to get the next Pokemon book that I guess just recently came out. He still loves them!! After our stop at the the Avenues, we headed on to Babies R Us and I picked up a shower gift for a fantastically wonderful friend of mine who was in Atlanta for a couple days visiting her former IFs and her surrobabe since they aren't able to come up to see her for her shower in a couple weeks. I love shopping in Babies R Us! I haven't been there in ages since most of the time I just order online and have things sent since I haven't had very many local friends to shop for! It was fun to actually wander around the store and see all the amazingly cute things! :) I love the pattern Wendy's picked out for her baby boy too - Monkeys!!

After Babies R Us, Kent and I walked next door to Sweet Tomatoes for a delicious lunch. That is such a great restaurant, and Kent really liked it too! He generally likes buffets but we never go to them, the closest one to us is Ryan's and their food just really isn't that great and definitely isn't that good for you. At least at Sweet Tomatoes they have a gorgeous salad bar that I always fill up on first and then wonderful soups to pick from in addition to their pastas, breads and potato bar. I always like trying a couple different soups, eating some of the cheesy focaccia bread and I always HAVE to have one of the hot, fresh chocolate muffins! Yummm!!

We stopped at Wal Mart on the way home and picked up a couple groceries and Kent needed a poster board for a school project. We got home and worked on his school project most of the afternoon and then in the evening I baked up two fantastic cupcake recipes!! Too Much Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake III. Kent and I split a chocolate cupcake fresh from the oven and declared them fantastic and he was in bed when the carrot cake ones came out, so I shamelessly taste tested that one on my own! YUMMY!! I will DEFINITELY be making those again!

I let them cool overnight and on Sunday morning frosted them both. I used a jar of Duncan Hines chocolate frosting on the chocolate cupcakes (I haven't yet tried out a scratch chocolate frosting recipe, and didn't want to risk it!!) and used a cream cheese frosting recipe I modified that I found on allrecipes.com that I just LOVE! Cream Cheese Frosting II. Kent really liked it too. In fact, he had a little of a frosted carrot cake cupcake and a chocolate cupcake at the Family Day lunch and actually said he liked the carrot cake one better... I was shocked... I thought kids only liked chocolate... who knew?! :)

Around 11:30 we headed out for the Unit, I had to stop and do my glucose monitoring testing and use the bathroom when we were about half way there. I swear I have to use the bathroom every 10 minutes these days! Miss "S" is taking up plenty of room, for sure!! :)

I only have until Thursday for the monitoring, but its going really well and I'll be happy to take the results to the doctor so they can see all is well and so my IPs can also know everything is ok in that department.

I got to see my friend Wendy and give her the baby shower gift at lunch yesterday! It was soooo good to see her!! I just love her to pieces and she lives way too far away for my preference. :) She's 27 weeks prego so we got to take a couple cute belly bumping pictures after we enjoyed a DELICIOUS lunch at Seasons 52. We both had the Portabello Turkey Burgers and they were just fantastic. I told Kenneth I need to take him there one of the Friday's he comes to see me. They also serve dessert in the little glasses, I've seen it many times before but never ordered one. Oh.my.gosh. I got a peanut butter mousse with chocolate cake on bottom and chocolate shavings on top and was so completely in heaven. It was sooooooo good!!

Today I get to go to another chiropractic appointment and get a massage and I am soooo looking forward to it! They've really helped alleviate the majority of the back pain I was starting to experience and I think maybe, just maybe my incredibly tight shoulders are a little looser most days than they usually are. Kenneth goes again on Friday and Saturday for his appointments and he's really looking forward to it. Poor baby, his back is so bad and hurts him all the time. I really hope he gets some relief soon through their efforts with him!

Ok, enough rambling! Time to get back to it! :)


  1. Love the baby bumping pics of you & Wendy. You both look beautiful!!


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