30w1d - Ouch! My poor fingers!

Since I am a gastric bypass patient, in lieu of doing the 1-hour glucose tolerance (gestational diabetes) test, I was told to poke myself 4 times a day for one week and use a glucose meter to track the results. I'll bring those with me to our next OB appointment on the 22nd.

It's going pretty good so far. I did a "test run" last night and have now done 3 of 4 of my finger sticks today. My levels look really good (based on my limited knowledge and understanding of what they should be) so I'm happy for that and ready for the rest of the testing to be done! The lancets are teeny tiny and only sting for a little while, but still, I've already got lovely little tiny under the skin bruises forming and I'm sure my finger tips will look like they have freckles when the week is over. I know I should just be thankful this is only a week and not an every day for the rest of my life type of thing! With my mom's history of diabetes, I should also be thankful that my levels are normal and healthy. So I will be... thankful that is! :)


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