31w4d - 59 days 'til we're due!

We are under 60 days and now less than 2 months from our November 18th due date!! WOW!! I can't quite wrap my head around it!

I feel like she's been having a growth spurt - I really feel "bigger" and feel her taking up more space and last night I noticed a ring of little wiggly red lines spreading out from around my belly button. Not really new stretch marks (yet), but looks like possibly the beginning of some, or at least the clear indication that the belly is GROWING!! I will take more pictures on Thursday when we hit 32 weeks and can't wait to compare them to my 30 week pictures to see how much of it is in my head, and how much you can actually see!

It was a busy, work filled weekend with little down time. I was gone nearly 12 hours on Saturday to work at the office and was off and on working most of Sunday, but Kenneth and I also got some errands run and I fnally appeased my desire to bake something and made a "Better Than Pumpkin Pie" with the butternut squash we got in last week's Farmer's Market basket. It is YUMMY! I've never made a scratch pumpkin pie (only used canned pumpkin) so I'm not sure how it compares to other scratch pies, but it came out great! Very creamy, good flavor and of course having a fantastic pie crust helps. I really like the Pie Crust IV recipe I've been using for awhile now, and I like to use butter flavored shortening in it for a little extra flavor...

Still spending way too much time thinking about food! :) I gained a couple pounds over the last week and half after holding steady for awhile, guess it was just "time"! I'm sort of at that point where I am just trying to eat when I feel hungry and remind myself not to put food in my mouth the rest of the time. I don't actually get physically hungry that often, but things still sound good all the time and I end up eating more than I should most days. I'm not stressing about it too much, but I do have to be at least somewhat conscientious about it all and make sure when I do eat that I'm taking in food that is beneficial for Miss "S" and myself.

Ok, time to get back to it and hope today passes quickly and quietly! I feel like its going to be a hectic week, especially since my plan is to take Wednesday and Thursday off to make up for working over the weekend; we shall see!!


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