Your pregnancy: 21 weeks

How your baby's growing:

Your baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot. You may soon feel like she's practicing martial arts as her initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also discover a pattern to her activity as you get to know her better. In other developments, your baby's eyebrows and lids are present now, and if you're having a girl, her vagina has begun to form as well.

Woo hoo!! Another week! :) Other than some persistent acne that doesn't ever want to fully go away and what feels like some heartburn this week I'm feeling really good and really enjoying how much stronger baby's movements have gotten!

I can't wait for our next ultrasound and getting to see her little face and see how much she's grown! Yay! :)

I'm still pretty tired, but glad the weekend is almost here so I can try to catch up a little. I think a bubble bath and a nap are in order. We're going to try to get out and see the newest Twilight movie at some point too. We tried to go on Monday, but it was really crowded even for the very first showing of the day already, and Kenneth isn't interested in going to a crowded theater - takes the fun out of it! So, we might try again this weekend and see if it's less busy.

I need to stop by the grocery store on my way home tonight - it's amazing how quickly we're going through fruits and veggies following this meal plan; it's great though! Nothing is getting wasted which is nice, and I know I'm getting good stuff in every day!

It's another busy day, so I will get back to it but had to stop in and make my official 21 week post! I took belly pictures last week but wasn't really happy with them, I'm going to try again today and see if I get one I like enough to post. :)


  1. You simply must run over and see shirtless Jacob now. Go on...I'll wait....

    You're still sitting there? Oh well, okay, go at your earliest convenience but please rush...your eyes will thank me. :) HAHA

    And yay for the fam eating their fruits and veggies!!! Everybody wins!


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