All is going well! We had a pretty good weekend - though Kenneth did something funny to his shoulder and was in quite a bit of pain Saturday and Sunday. So we stayed home most of the weekend and took it easy so he could rest and try to heal a little. Poor guy! He was feeling better some by Sunday, but we still kept the injured area covered in icy hot and he stayed on IBprofen all day and held his arm funny anytime he stood up. I hope he's feeling better today since he had to drive to school...!

So, since we took it easy we didn't get to go see a movie, but we did get a lot of little things done around the house and started on a few organizational projects. Kent has been a  HUGE help!

I've been sticking to my BabyFit meal plan and really enjoying it! I still can't believe all the tuppeware I go through everyday - but its been SO great to have it all planned out and ready to go each morning when I leave for work. And Kent is enjoying the meal plan now too, and he seems to like being able to check the fridge at anytime to see what's coming up. He really like the baked potato lunch last week and has enjoyed the sandwiches and even one of the two salads so far. Today was grilled cheese and tomato soup - so I'm pretty sure that will go over well with him too. :)

I stayed very satisfied on my meals over the weekend and didn't even eat my snacks. It's nice to not feel hungry all the time and to know what's coming next. I think having a schedule has helped with the head hunger too, since I know what's coming and when to expect it. I can't imagine not sticking to a plan like this after doing it for the last 3 weeks or so - its simplified a lot of things and I know I'm eating so much better. I do end up shopping a lot more - twice a week sometimes, usually one quick trip and one "bigger" trip to re-load on fruits and veggies and odds and ends. Mostly fruits and veggies though! :)

We had super yummy Turkey Burgers over the weekend (it's actually a P90X recipe I haven't used in awhile, but I remembered really enjoying it so I thought we'd pull it out). P90X actually had a bunch of great recipes that would work well on this plan, since they are generally high protein and low fat and include some sort of whole grain/fresh fruit/veggie, etc. Their Island Pork Tenderloin Salad is SO good! I'll have to pull that recipe out and fix that.

One of the treat items built into the menu plan has been chocolate cupcakes and I've been buying Hostess Cupcakes, but I've been thinking about baking my own and freezing them and seeing how they do thawed - that would probably be a lot better for us and convenient to be able to do myself! I have a Chocolate Snack Cake recipe from Highschool I used to make all the time that I think would work great! :)

Yesterday I got out of the house by myself for a little and got to go have a spa pedicure which was HEAVEN! It felt SO good to get a little pampering in, just for me, and just for fun! Then I got some grocery shopping done, picked up a coffee at Starbucks for Kenneth and headed home. It was nice to have a little "mommy" time out. I haven't done that for awhile, it's refreshing! :)

Ok, enough of my rambling! Countdown to Thursdays appointment - can't wait! :)


  1. I love planning meals out! I only seem to be able to do dinners at this point, but hey, it's a start! :) I'm so in awe of you and your babyfitting self!! :)


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