I am so excited to see the days tick by and watch those "days left 'til baby's arrival" creep closer and closer to double digits!! ACK!! We watched The Time Traveler's Wife over the weekend and I had such a strong surge of emotion watching the delivery scene - such a joy and anticipation for sharing that moment with my IPs and getting to see them with baby "S"! I honestly can't wait!! I am so happy for each healthy day of this pregnancy, each day Miss "S" gets to gestate and grow and become stronger and prepare for her entry into this world. I pray it will be a beautiful experience for us all and can't wait to see her in her parent's arms!!
I've been having a lot of strong feelings of what I want to do "next" too and think I'm excited about the future as much as I am about delivery and seeing "S" with L&N. I am feeling a little more settled into the what's coming, 2 strong possibilities and am excited about both. Kenneth and I spent some time on Kennesaw State University's website this weekend looking at the nursing program pre-requisites and talking some of the details of what I would actually need to do to prepare for that to be a reality. The other big option is that I have had it on my heart for a LONG time to look into being a contractor overseas for a year in some form of an administrative roll. I've known 2 people personally who've done it and I know I will never join the military and go and have the experiences that Kenneth has, but there is a HUGE part of me that longs for an experience like that. Kenneth has a LOT of reservations about the idea of me going - but I think if I actually looked into it seriously and found a good company at a location that he was comfortable with he might be more open to it. I know it's kind of "out there", especially as a mom and wife to want to go do that. But its an experience that I have long thought about and wondered about... how many times in your life do you even get a chance to think about doing something like that? No it wouldn't be glamorous or exciting (well hopefully not too exciting), but it would be a unique life experience and I think I need something like that. Something out of "my ordinary"... something a little bigger than me.

So, that's been on my mind a lot lately and I've been trying to figure out how to look into it a little more. Essentially I want to either gear up for that, or gear up for school and one more surrogacy sometime next year. I am feeling pretty settled in my heart about those options. Things can change of course, and they are drastically different paths so we'll see where life takes us all!

In the mean time, I am enjoying each day I get with Miss "S" - each little nudge, bump and roll of which there have been a lot more lately which I'm excited about! I took a little bit of video over the weekend and sent a short clip of my belly "dancing" for my IPs - hopefully they will enjoy seeing her movements as much as I enjoy them! :)

The heartburn hasn't gone away and has been more frequent and was fairly painful yesterday, so I caved and am going to start taking Zantac every evening and pray within a week or so I feel improvement. This constant achy/burning sensation up my chest is unsettling and painful!

I can't believe we're another week into July - just 2 weeks left in this month! WOW!!


  1. I think things get placed in your head and on your heart for a reason. :)

  2. What is it with US surros? LOL Reading your post makes me think of ME and what has been on MY mind. The various options that I want to explore and how different each option is. Can we really do it all... sure, it will just take time! So I have actively been exploring the nursing also. Currently taking placement tests at a local college to start my pre-req in the Spring. Also, I think I want to have a child with my hubby (he doesnt have kids) but because of money I'm not sure. Then eventually I will get a tummy tuck. (surro of twins hasn't helped my lose skin). All these things revolve about money as you can see. Which shall I do first is the question? I wish you well with the remainder of the pregnancy and all the joys that comes with this gift you are giving.


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