Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!! Yay for our appointment and ultrasound tomorrow and 22 weeks! I'm SO excited!!

I had a "hungry" day yesterday and ate extra snacks at work. It was weird, it just sort of hit me in the afternoon. My stomach grumbled, water wasn't helping and I just wanted to EAT. So I figured I probably should eat! We had a really good filling dinner which helped tide me over for the evening, once I got home. We had broiled BBQ pork chops, brown rice, carrots and green beans. Yummy!

I have started looking at maternity lots on e-bay and on SMO - I've decided I really need to supplement the wardrobe I have as it's going to get really boring really fast since I really only have a few shirts in each sleeve length and only a couple pair of slacks I can wear to work. I have a couple dresses too which I like but I usually only wear one of those per week. Today I actually went with all non-maternity clothes. I still have some skirts and my dresses will mostly still fit ok. However, the cute stretchy tank top that normally sits just fine at my waist keeps trying to hike up anytime I stand or move so I have to keep pulling it back down. This is why I should be wearing a maternity top!! D'oh! :)

Ok, time to go get busy and distracted so the day will FLY by! :)


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