I am sleepy today! Feeling pretty good, but definitely tired. I don't think I've been sleeping that great this week for some reason. I could totally go for a nap right about now.

This is such a laid back baby! I get little bumps and kicks throughout the day, but nothing major and hardly ever any "big" movements or kicks. Enough to keep me reassured that she's doing well, but I keep wondering if she'll get more active or if maybe I'll feel it more in the coming months as she grows. We shall see!! Ha ha! I start typing this and all of a sudden get a small series of bumps in the same spot. :)

I fixed a blueberry smoothie for breakfast this morning, and then had a small bowl of cereal with milk. That is major dairy overload for my tummy - I hope it can handle it! I usually don't have that much dairy in a day because I tend to be sensitive to it, but I'm hoping it'll stay down ok today (fingers crossed)!

I'm getting excited for the long weekend coming up! Get to sleep in for 4 days in a row - yay! :) Kent and I have dentist appointments Friday morning and then we'll pack up for Saturday. It's only one night so I don't think we'll need too much! My nutrition plan will have to go out the window for about 24 hours, but I'll just have to do my best to make good choices with whatever Ken & Donna are serving and hope I can behave myself for a day. :)

At least I'll still have a good week and a half when we get back to get back on my program before it's time for the next OB appointment and "official" weigh in! :) I'm doing good so far though and am happy that my weight has leveled out and it's lower than it was a week ago even if it is only by a pound. It's still closer to my goal for this point then it was before.

I keep thinking about another surrogacy lately! It's on my mind a lot! I thought I'd be thinking more about the idea of having another baby of our own which is something Kenneth and I have been talking about, but instead I keep thinking about another surrogacy journey. It's very odd! Who knows why, probably because of how well things have been going and it seems "easy" still at this point. Maybe my thought process will change some when we get to the more uncomfortable phase of the 3rd trimester!!

I guess it's good to have some unknowns in my future still, as much as I'd like to I can't sit down and plan it all out!! :)


  1. If it's the one I think it is, it's been on my mind a lot too. I'm so glad things are going well for you and great job with the weight tapering off due to your healthy eating efforts! :D

    It's 80/20...if 80% of what you eat's good for you, it won't hurt if 20% isn't as great, right? :D


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