16w4d - It's Monday!

I am bummed its Monday - but then again I am happy to be one day closer to being BETTER. After being sick for a full week, I finally went to Urgent Care on Saturday. I had thought about going on Thursday afternoon to the doctor, and then put it off thinking I'd go Friday since I was already taking that day off from work and then I just kept putting it off on Friday being in denial and thinking I HAD to get better on my own soon! I woke up Saturday feeling the most miserable yet and gave up. Kenneth loaded me in the car and took me to urgent care. They put me on a z-pack, 5 days of antibiotics (I have a sinus infection). I hate taking meds period and really hate taking them pregnant but the doctor said those are safe for pregnancy, and I can take tylenol and sudafed which I've pretty much been on for the past week to help with the symptoms until the antibiotics do their job. The worst part has been this cough that's kept me up all night long and there's really not much you can take for a cough besides cough drops - I've been sleeping with one in my mouth every night for the past few days to try to sleep most of the night. But after taking my antibiotics on Saturday and Sunday, last night is the first night in what feels like forever that I actually slept all the way through!! WOOO HOOO!! I am still tired and feeling a little under the weather this morning but I feel SOOO much better and am so glad to finally be on my way to recovering from this crud!

I can focus on work and just getting through the next couple days and being excited about our u/s on Thursday again. I am very much looking forward to seeing my IM and of course taking a sneek peak at the baby bean and seeing how much s/he has grown and finding out if s/he is a she or a he!! :D I know my IM will be so happy to finally know for sure!!

I watched Dear John over the weekend and loved it - I cried off and on througout the movie. I had listened to the book on CD awhile back and it was definitely different, but good.

I updated my AllRecipes "Food Blog" on Saturday: Quick Chili & Fabulous Cornbread! Tracking what I'm eating while I'm prego! :)


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