18w5d - Rambly Update

Sort of feeling "rambly" today. Not too much going on. Been really busy at work which has made time go by quickly, which is good!

Kenneth and I went to the High Museum on Saturday, Kent went to his great-grandmother's on Thursday and stayed 'til Saturday so Kenneth and I squeezed in a date. We haven't had one in awhile, and it was really nice! The Allure of the Automobile exhibit was going on, and the cars were beautiful! I'd won tickets at a cooking competition awhile back, and they came with the audio tour and that made it extra cool to get a lot of background information on the different cars. The very last one was a GORGEOUS Corvette. Of course. :D We drove the Vette there, and took the top off for the way home - it was sunny and beautiful outside!! I felt great on the freeway with all the air whipping around, but once we got off the freeway I got a little overheated so when we stopped for gas we had to put the top back on, and I got some cold water and we cranked the A/C up. It hasn't taken much for me to get overheated with the warmer weather lately. I should know to be a little more careful by now, I'm just unused to it still I guess! I've never had this happen before. I am sure its because I'm pregnant, just not sure why exactly it happens. I guess I'm not hydrated enough either.

The funny thing that happened at the Museum that we didn't find out about until Monday is a local radio host, Jenn Hobby, got engaged at the High while we were there. We had seen a photo in one of the boxes that say "Take a Closer Look" where you can get more information about the artwork its next to, and saw someone go and pick the photo up and then a woman came running out from behind the wall and said "That's ours, our friends are getting engaged and its for them!" we didn't think much of it, but I was listening to the radio on Monday and found out that's the spot that Jenn's fiance proposed to her. :) I thought that was kind of cool!

In any event, we had a nice day together and then Sunday I felt sort of lousy, sinus pressure and headache most of the day. I took a really long nap in the afternoon, but in the morning and then after my nap we were all busy with lots of chores and working around the house. Kenneth's been working on the Bronco, and Kent had a bunch of chores he had to make up and so I helped him with those, and in the afternoon I worked with Kenneth in the basement trying to straighten it up a little. It's a HUGE disaster zone down there with military gear strewn over the WHOLE entire floor. You couldn't even walk without tripping, but now at least there are some clear spaces, and the mess is a little more centralized. I am thinking about buying some more rubbermaids and throwing his crap in them and letting him sort through it later!! :)

Little Miss "S" has been bebopping around more and more - and I'm feeling movement directly below my belly button now, so my uterus is definitely moving up! I just felt several bumps! :) Every now and then I'll still get a kick or something down low, but it seems most of the movement is more in the middle now as she's growing. Yesterday I had a very painful spot, about an inch below my belly button and a couple inches to the left. It was the same spot over and over and it was a very sharp pain. It lasted from early afternoon until late in the evening and was really starting to bother and worry me. When I got home I rested most of the afternoon, especially when I realized it wasn't letting up. I put my feet up and laid down on the couch and that seemed to help the most. It hasn't started back up, so I guess it was just a "growing pain" of some sort!

One more week and we'll be in JULY and at our 20 week mark! Holy moly!! Time is flying, and I'm so happy with how well everything has been going! :)


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