18w6d - The BabyFit Plan!

I have gained a couple more pounds then I want to at this point and I'm not going to stress out about it, but I did decide a good plan would be to follow BabyFit's recommended weekly meal plans and see if that helps me control my eating habits a little better. I know it will help ensure I get a good mix of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein and calcium and I just need to do a little pre-planning to pack my meals at night and use their grocery shopping lists to help supplement what I already have at home!

I like that you can go in and customize the plan too, if I don't like the suggested snack item, I can change it out for another one. And it's set to the calorie range I've picked for myself too. I'm excited to see how the week goes and how I feel during the day and if I stay satisfied on the plan. I think that I will. I think these are just going to be "more bang for my buck" calories as opposed to how I've been eating. I know I've done a lot of snacking where I should have had something more nutritional than what I chose, and I've been eating out much more than I had wanted to at this point which is often one of my biggest weaknesses and probably bigger causes of any excess weight gain!

So in any event, here is tomorrow's meal plan:

1/2 plain bagel
1 cup low fat yogurt
.25 cup granola cereal
.5 grapefruit

Whole wheat pita with
  3 ounces roast turkey (4 slices)
  2 leaves romaine lettuce
  2 med. slices tomato
  3 slices cucumber
  1 TBS mayonnaise
1 cup of 2% milk
1 pear

Whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce and olive oil, topped with parmesan cheese;
1 cup steamed broccoli

1 whole wheat pita
3 TBS hummus
1 fat free vanilla pudding cup

That's a lot of good stuff!! I am going grocery shopping on my way home to make sure I have everything I need for the week and this evening I will pack up my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow and be all set. In general I usually buy lower/fat-free options so I will probably have a few calories left to play with at the end of most days too, which is nice so I can splurge every now and then on dessert or maybe a piece of candy from the office candy bowl (which is evil, by the way).

I don't usually plan out my meals ahead of time, but I think this will really help in a lot of ways, even with dinners - we're often so last minute, now I'll be able to plan ahead of time what to thaw out and make sure I have everything I need. I really hope this first week goes well and I discover the extra effort is definitely worth it. I really think it will be, and hope it will set me up for some good eating habits for the remainder of the pregnancy!

I'll hopefully be able to report back tomorrow that everything went really well with my first day on the plan and I was able to follow it easily.

I also really need to start being accountable for exercising on a regular basis. I have so many good intentions, but I don't follow through! I know I will pay for it in the end, and need to get with the program and I really have no excuses between the treadmill in my living room at home and the gym available for use here at the office. I just need to GO for it instead of giving in to being "too tired" when I get home in the evenings. I would really, really like to be walking 30-60 minutes most days of the week and then hopefully getting out and doing something active most weekends with my family.

Lots of health goals right now, and I always have the "drink more water" goal in the back of my mind! That is always a work in progress and for the most part I think I do pretty good with that and will keep at it.

Looking forward to the official "19 week" roll over tomorrow!! :)


  1. What a great idea! :) I usually plan out our dinners for 2 weeks in advance and it does help out a lot. I haven't gotten quite as dedicated with breakfast, lunch or snacks, but this is inspiring. :)


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