17w5d - Happy Birthday Weekend! :)

I am now officially 29 years old. Sigh. This is the last birthday I am claiming!! My birthday was on Saturday and we also had our company summer picnic at Six Flags that day! It was FUN! I really had a good time - though my legs are still sore from all the walking Kent and I did (and I wore flip flops - not so great in the suppportive footwear department)!

We got there at about 10:30 and there were no lines at all, so we went on one water ride together (my one and only for the day it turned out, since it seems every other ride in the park says NO PREGO LADIES!!!) Then I took him to another water ride and then it was time to head over and meet the other BC folks who were helping with set up for the picnic. Kent got in one more quick ride on the Wheelie and then we headed over to our Pavilion and spent about the next hour working on laying out the raffle prizes and the most time consuming effort was filling the water balloons!! There were about 6 of us spread out at different faucets and spiggots filling as many as we could. We ended up with quite a few so I was happy - though I still have blisters on my fingers because I had to use the bathroom sink and stretching the balloons over the faucet results in a lot of them snapping off and popping your fingers. Ouch.

The picnic went well - it was REALLY hot, but a beautiful day and I made myself drink TONS and tons of water while we were at the Pavilion because I started feeling a little cruddy. I felt better after getting a few glasses of cold water in me and was able to join in watching the games and have a good time. The food was really yummy - chicken tenders and BBQ sauce, hot dogs, pasta salad, coleslaw and ice cream bars. Mmmm! :)

After the games, then the water balloon fight (I got Kent with one!! hee hee!! :D ) we ended the picnic with our raffle and I won a family 4-pack of tickets to a Braves game in August! I haven't been in forever - and it sounds hot, but fun! :)

Kent and I stayed about another 2 1/2 hours, doing lots of walking trying to find a ride with a decent line (he really wanted to go on Thunder River but the line was an hour long and then it broke down too, so we didn't wait around for that). So we ended up over at Skull Island for a good long hour. I got nice and wet and then sat in the sun and dozed a little while Kent had a great time playing. We were both pretty exhausted after that and made the trek back to the car. It was a very fun day and I'm so glad we went! I had a good time, even though I couldn't even ride my Monster Plantation ride like I'd hoped. :)

Almost to our 18 week mark and then just 2 more weeks 'til the big 20 week milestone! YAY!! So excited to be almost half way through! I can't believe how fast its going! :)


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