It's been a long week

Lots of appointments for Kent this week on 3 different days (he had his annual physical and got shots, and had to have a fasting blood draw this morning), so my schedule has been pretty abnormal. Traffic was HORRIBLE yesterday getting home, making me almost 30 minutes later than normal and Kent felt pretty bad last night. His temp was at 100.4 and he was just achy and tired (I assume as a reaction from the shots he had on Wednesday the 9th). I gave him some Jr. IBProfen, lots of liquid and he rested on the couch. His temp came down a little but not much, but after a good night of sleep (he actually slept in for a change - its a miracle!) he seemed to feel better this AM and his temp was gone.

I've made time to soak in the tub and do some for fun reading the last two nights - for a moment to myself to just be and to relax. It has been really nice. I've been using my LUSH products (bath bombs) those things are awesome!! Makes your skin feel so nice, and they smell so great. I finished Eclipse (again) last night. I am on my 4th time through I think... I lost count. Sad, yes, but I find the books and movies are a good escape for me! :)

I am also now on week 3 of not eating meat. I made the decision while spending time with my brother and sister in Washington after my mother passed. There are many different aspects to the decision, but it feels like the right one for me for the moment. It could change in the future, but this is what feels good for me right now. I have also subsequently lost about 11 pounds since my mother passed away, due to eating very little (I rarely have an appetite anymore) and I'm sure the diet change factors in as well. It's all weight that I'd gained back after stopping Weight Watchers, so its nothing "new" really, but nice to fit comfortably back into clothes I haven't been wearing as much recently.

I have been re-discovering food it seems. Going vegetarian is quite an adjustment and its wonderful to be incorporating a lot more fresh items into my meals. I discovered sprout and tomato sandwiches on bagels with chive and onion cream cheese today and am very happy with those! A very nice light lunch. (I am still eating dairy and eggs for now).

I got an update from "L" that things are moving forward with cycling plans and according to the clinic we could be looking at early/mid February for a transfer. I haven't heard from the clinic yet on my calendar, but hopefully they'll let me know soon if I need to start BCPs or anything like that. I have fingers and toes crossed that "L" and I both do well on our med protocols and get the chance to transfer this time around!

So, sort of random bits of information for an update, but that's the latest and greatest around here... I still can't believe Christmas will be here in 2 more weeks and I am fully unprepared!!


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