I am lucky

I still stop to ponder on many different occassions how I got so lucky to connect with Vicki. It's now been just about a year since we initially connected. I still have all our old e-mails and many of our chats saved and every now and then its fun to peek back through and reminisce! It's INCREDIBLE how much we have both been through, together and separately since our first contact. We connected as potential IP and TS and have been through a surrgacy attempt and SO much more since then! Vicki has become one of my very best friends, and has enabled me to maintain some sanity amidst varying ups and downs in life. It's pretty amazing to look back and feel like she is one of those "what is meant to be will be" people in my life, in many ways. I feel very lucky and blessed to get to call her my friend.

We've gotten to get together with Vicki, John and Johnny several times over the past couple weeks and its been awesome to get out of the house, visit, hang out, laugh together and also have someone to bounce my thoughts and worries off of.

Vicki and I went to see the Rockettes and then to my company Holiday party the first weekend in December, then last weekend we all went to the lights at Lake Lanier and I hung out at their house 'til the wee hours of the morning watching a fight night that was on (I don't get to watch that very often, but it is really one of the only sports I can really get into on TV)! We met up for dinner earlier in the week, then Vicki and I went to the mall last night and we're getting together for cookie baking tomorrow! I can't wait!! I haven't had a good bake day in forever and am going to enjoy pigging out and overloading on chocolate for an afternoon.

Tomorrow is going to be SUPER busy, I have an 8-9 appointment, Kent has jiu jitsu from 9:30 - 10:30, then drop off 14 boxes at the post office for shipping to Kenneth's unit (my company has been collecting donations for them for the past 2 weeks), then off to Vicki's for an afternoon of baking then leave there at 4:00 for a 5:00 family get together at Kenneth's Uncle's home. I am going to be TIRED tomorrow evening. At least the get together is fairly early so we can all get home at a decent hour and get a good night of sleep (hopefully).

Church on Sunday morning (we're going to try out a new one this week) then taking Kent to meet up with his aunt and uncle in Chattanooga in the early afternoon! Then I get the house to myself until I go to meet up with everyone in Blue Ridge on Christmas Eve!! GASP! I can't even fathom what I will do with a huge empty house for a couple days. I don't think that's EVER happened since... well.. ever?! I went from highschool to married, and have pretty much always had Kenneth and/or Kent with me. This will be weird and cool! I am sure Kent will have a BLAST with April & David and hope he behaves himself for them. :) It's neat that they can have him come visit. I remember many wonderful weekends with my Aunt Bobbi at her home. I am glad he'll get a chance to have one on one time with his aunt and uncle too.

Ok, off to bed - its nearly midnight and 7:00am is going to come quickly!


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