Back to work...

I can't believe the last 4 days have already gone by so quickly! We had a nice holiday and now its time to go back to the "real world" for the next couple days... only 3 days and then another 4 day weekend! Yay!

I had Wednesday off just to be home last week and got a lot done around the house, spent a lot of time straightening up and cleaning that needed to be done. There is more to do (always) but I'm happy with the dent I made. Thursday morning I dropped the big dogs at the vet's office and packed up the car, L.B. and Brutus came with me to Ellijay. We made it to Ken & Donna's around lunchtime and we all went out to a BBQ restaurant. I ended up not eating anything because what I wanted off their menu they were out of and everything else was fried food and I hadn't eaten yet at that point and grease on an empty stomach did not sound appealing! We had so many yummy baked goods and munchies back at the house though, I made up for it! :)

We had a nice dinner back at the house with Sweetie Pie and Jim that evening and everyone hung out and relaxed. Kent wrote the cutest note to Santa and put out a coke and some cookies and peppermint bark. David wrote a note back from Santa and we filled stocking and went to bed.

I slept in on Christmas morning until about 8:00 am and got up and discovered the power was out! There had been a big wind storm and a tree knocked down a line. Ken & Donna had to run over to Jim's house which still had power and cook breakfast. They brought it back to the house (we had the gas fire which was keeping everyone from freezing). We ate breakfast and then opened stockings and gifts. We went over to Jim's house for our Christmas lunch (since we still didn't have power at the house) and by the time lunch was done and everyone was full and sleepy the power company had come out and worked their magic and we were able to go back to the house and enjoy an evening of hanging out (and watching The Hangover and game playing) and chatting before heading to bed again. I loved the room I was sleeping - it was down in the basement and had no windows and was like a little cave. It was so cool, and I slept great.

It was nice to head back home the next morning, though it was SO cold the car was covered in ice and it was hard to open the doors!! We made good time since traffic was light and got back around 9:00am I think. I went to pick up the dogs and Sadie managed to spill soda all over me on the way home, so I enjoyed a nice warm shower when we got home and then we worked on unpacking all of our bags and Kent had a great time playing with all his many new toys! He got an awesome huge Star Wars Lego set from his Nana and Papa (Ken & Donna) which he spent a lot of time on. He also got a binder with card sheets in it from Santa and new Pokemon cards which he's spent HOURS and hours on, organizing and re-organizing! He loves that!

I spent more time cleaning up the house and then around 1:00 Steve and Chris came over to help work on the Focus. I am so appreciative of all the work they've been doing on the car! They ended up having to drill out the ignition switch and a new one is going to have to be installed. Chris said he's seen a lot of that on this type of car. Sigh. I am just feeling so blessed that someone is willing to help me get it fixed!!

We went out to dinner with Vicki & Johnny at Sumo, a Hibachi restaurant and enjoyed the "dinner and a show"! :) It was SO yummy, I ate WAY too much fried rice and was stuffed well into the next morning!

This morning I baked 4 loaves of banana bread (and my house still smells good). We went to the family worship service at church at 10:00 and afterwards headed over to Honey's house for more presents and lunch there. Honey had a sandwich spread out and I made a lettuce, tomato, cucumber sandwich and it was SO good!! I was starving too since I hadn't eaten yet, so maybe that's why it tasted extra good - the bread was really good. She had some coconut cake too and that is always AWESOME!

Ok, I guess that is my run down on the long weekend! I am looking forward to New Years Eve and the party at Vicki's house!


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