Footloose and fancy free!

Kent's Aunt April offered to have him come stay with them at their home in Tennessee for a couple days and then I'll meet up with everyone in Blue Ridge on Thursday and Kent was very excited about getting to go stay with them (he hasn't seen them much since they moved earlier in the year). I am now home completely alone (if you don't count the 5 furry critters) and really excited about having some down time!

We met up mid-day yesterday in Chattanooga and on my way home I stopped and got my hair highlighted which I've wanted to do for awhile along with a trim and enjoyed that a lot and then I went home and ate what I wanted out of the fridge, had some wine with dinner and watched The Ugly Truth - a total chick flick. I finished up some more gift wrapping, read a little and finally went to sleep. It is so weird to only be responsible for myself - not worry about whether Kent took his pills, or brushed his teeth, or has clean socks or underwear... just me! Very odd indeed! But nice too for a change. Of course I still think about him constantly and wonder what he's doing and if he's being good, but I can still relax and enjoy my free time too.

I am working today and tomorrow and then I have Wednesday off, totally to myself at home! Wow! I will probably try to go out and do something fun, just for me - maybe use the spa gift certificate my mom gave me back in June for my birthday... I'm hoping to meet up one night this week with Vicki too, but we haven't planned when.

I've still got a little bit of shopping to do and presents to wrap and I'm planning to be good and use some of my free time to straighten up the house and get all my recycling organized and dropped off. It's really piled up especially with all the packages I put together for the Marines, since pretty much all packaging gets discarded to save space.

I have one more Post Office run to do today to get Kenneth's last Christmas box mailed and the last 4 of the Brown and Caldwell donation boxes in the mail and then I can maybe reclaim my dining room table, at least a little! It's been package central in there!

I can't believe Christmas is really this week. It just doesn't feel possible that so much time has gone by. Ever since mom's death time has just sort of blurred together and gone so quickly. She's been gone a whole month now and I cannot figure out where that month went!

I guess that's it for the moment - looking forward to another quiet evening home and getting a lot done!


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