Sniffle... sniffle... hiccup

The new addition of hormones via lupron did not take long to make their presence known. I was listening to the radio this AM and was listening to a discussion about Letterman's announcement and they were playing clips of the show and I got choked up... actual tears choked up. And all I could feel was confusion for these tears... where did they come from? Was I actually sad? Why was I sad? No... I didn't think I was really sad... so again, where did these tears come from??! I know EXACTLY where they came from... it was injected into my body via a teeny tiny sub-q needle not too long ago! ACK!! It's been a really long time since I've been on lupron and I'm already aware you don't necessarily react the same to meds you've been on before so I wasn't exactly expecting or not expecting anything - but I wasn't expecting to be weepy within 24 hours of my first lupron injection. Sigh... I hope it doesn't just get worse from here! I am kind of assuming my reactions are partially because I'm already emotionally charged with Kenneth being gone and now getting ready for his visit soon - so maybe I'm more suscebtible then I would be otherwise.

I heard from my IM this morning, she sent me a note to check in - she received our meds and we need to meet up in the next couple weeks so I can get mine from her - not sure exactly when they'll give me a call and tell me to start estrogen, but we're guesstimating between the 12th and 14th. My IPs will be out of town through the 10th, so maybe right after they get back we can get together and I can get those from her. I can't wait for more actual dates! :)

Kenneth called last night to check in, they're heading out to the field for their final mission and he was going to be out of touch for a few days so he wanted to say hi. He sounds a lot better. He's been SO sick and then going out into the cold every day and not just staying in and totally recouping has caused it to drag on it sounds like. I know he has to work, but I just feel so bad that he can't just recover, and he's having to suffer through. He said his throat still feels really raw and sore.

Anyhow, that's my update for the moment! We're going to spend this weekend cleaning. No major plans, so time to do some of those things I don't usually spend much time on - baseboards, dusting, all that fun stuff. I love having a nice clean house, for the short time it lasts around here!


  1. Darn hormones! At least it's temporary :) As for the hubby, hope he heals up soon. When you say "in the field" I assume military, what branch? My "baby" brother just spent 5 years in the Marine Corps (active duty), he's now a reserve for the next year or two.

  2. Kenneth is in the Marine Corps as well. :) He was active for 4 years, and has been in the USMC Reserves for the last I think almost 4 years now? It's hard to keep track! :)


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