IM's meds start this week!

I am even more excited that my IM starts her provera on Wednesday, and I'm hoping shortly after that I'll get the phone call with instructions on a date to start estrace.

I am a little worried about the timing of my cycle with meds starting, I think lupron started just as I ovulated naturally and if that's the case my period might arrive later than they had planned which could potentially interfere with my lining building in the amount of time they've set aside prior to transfer. Fingers crossed it will all come together, but of course I can't help but occupy my mind with trying to pre-plan for all the "what ifs" in the mean time!

Kenneth will be home in EIGHT days!! WOO HOO!! One more weekend, and I'll finally get to see him. It's sort of sinking in just how long he's been away... 1 1/2 months since I saw him last in Alabama. Maybe that doesn't sound as long as it feels - because it feels like forever. But I think that's because it feels compounded from the months he's been gone prior to our visit in Alabama with just a couple visits in between. It's hard to remember when he's been gone and when he's been home, the last 4 months are sort of a blur!

The weather is definitely cooling off here, and today is rainy and overcast so far. We had a little bit of a reprieve yesterday afternoon with milder weather and a little bit of sunshine, so I took Kent and the dogs to the backyard to get some pictures of them. I wanted to try to get all 5 dogs with him, but that did NOT happen - it was hilarious though!! I think I managed to get 4 in one shot, and that was the best I could get. A couple would sit still and then someone would start chasing someone around the yard, and others would join in, then Kent would tussle with one and 3 others would jump in on it... very cute! I'll have to go through the pics tonight and see if there are any good ones to share. :)

Here's to another busy week so the days pass quickly!!


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