Lots of happenings in the past week!

Man, when you're cycling things can change fast in a week! "L's" period arrived sooner than expected so her CD1 was on Wednesday the 14th. That was my 14th day of lupron, and my period decided it would go ahead and show up late that evening too. That had me really worried. I knew I was due for one, but "L's" period arrived sooner than planned and mine showed up later than expected and I was really worried that wasn't going to give us the time we needed to thicken it back up before transfer. I called the clinic Thursday AM and told them what was going on and they had me come in to check my estrogen levels and see what my lining looked like. It was at a 3.3mm and I'm not sure where my estrogen was, but it must have been ok. The bleeding stayed very light and completely tapered off by mid-day Friday so it didn't last long thankfully. I upped my estrogen to 2mg twice daily on Thursday and have begun to feel the change in dosage, I'm moodier and having a lot of breast tenderness too - but the estrogen is doing what its supposed to. I had a re-check this morning and my lining had thickened to a 6.2mm which is FANTASTIC for me! I was trying not to be too excited, but that is huge progress for me in just 4 days. I have every possible appendage crossed that things stay on this path and that my final lining check (probably at the end of this week) will look ok and we'll get the thumbs up... I cannot even express the depth of hope and anxiety I have for that moment.

After the ultrasound I had a brief consult with our nurse coordinator and she said Dr. Kort will take a look at everything and "L" has another follie check this AM so I should get a call back this afternoon to let me know how things look for her and what the next step is. Karen said based on "L's" last check (on Saturday) it could be about 5 more days on stims for her and then trigger. 3-day or 5-day transfer is dependant upon the number of embryos and how they look. Of course I hope for a 3-day - the sooner the better, not to mention it COULD just work out that Kenneth would be here if it is a 3-day... that would be amazing timing.

So, a positive check in from me and so many hopes and prayers that the next one will be positive too... I'm just keeping busy and trying not to think about it too much - I know whatever is going to happen is going to happen and its out of my hands. All I can do is my best, so that's what I'm working on and just enjoying my last week with Kenneth too - that's definitely helping to keep me from obsessing! :) We've been cramming a lot in in the past week he's been home, and I know the next week will fly by as well. I'm taking this Thursday and Friday as vacation days so we can enjoy more time together. We don't have any real plans, just a lot of "to-do's" we want to get done before he leaves again. He's already gotten a lot done in the short amount of time he's been home and I appreciate that immensely.

We ordered our new refrigerator and it will be here on Sunday - I'm SO excited about that!! I can't even tell you!! I'm ecstatic! We got the one we've both been eyeballing for a couple years now. Kenneth is going to move the old one down to the basement after the new one is installed, and he's going to see if he can fix the broken door so we can continue using the older one as a secondary fridge which would be nice for overflow and for drinks, and that sort of thing.

Ok, back to reality for a little while!


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