An Award! :)

Thanks to the blogger of Tattoos and Teething Rings for the "I Give Good Blog" Award!

The rules for accepting the award are that I must pass it on to four more blogs.

I will pass this one on to:
1. Sara who writes "The Third Wheel" - an IM's journey through Traditional Surrogacy.
2. Kym at I'm A Smart One - an amazing woman and Gestational Surrogate who knows how to tell a story!
3. Jenn who writes Hope for Hailey, A Journey of Faith - another incredible woman who I am honored to have had the chance to get to know over the past few years. She has a heart of gold and is currently the gestational surrogate for the Kent's. Learn about their story here.
4. Jess who co-writes "It Takes Three" - I love this blog! You get to hear both viewpoints, Intended Mother (IM) and Traditional Surrogate (TS). Jess adopted her first daughter and Ginger was their birthmom, now they are working together again as TS and IM to create another beautiful baby!


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