Ack! Excitement Overload

Next week seems SO close and I am getting SO EXCITED!! Estrogen should be starting soon (I am going to just call the clinic and ask for a date, they must have one picked out by now since IM started her meds already!) And Kenneth comes home on TUESDAY EVENING - FIVE MORE DAYS!! AAAAHH!! :D

I have a long "to-do" cleaning list and a tentative menu list, and we have one get together with Kenneth's parents scheduled and I'm trying to figure out when we can meet up with his sister who is much farther away not to mention totally swamped with school right now (I'm thinking we can hopefully meet her half way). Need to figure out if his grandmother wants to see him while he's home too, and also am trying to work out a get together with 2 of his Marine buddies who will not be going on the deployment... it seems like a lot to cram into the next few days and I'm always excited to have a challenge to tackle, and it will make the time go even quicker. YAY! :)

Kent's school Fall Festival is this Saturday and he has jiu jitsu in the morning and we really need to swing by his great-grandmother's house and pick up the jeans she bought for him, the weekend is going to go fast!


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