Strike That, Reverse It

Well, I take back at least part of my last post! RBA called my IM to go over the calendar dates with her, and it turns out the ER would happen right in the middle of their vacation... so instead I started BCPs last night and will take the full 3 weeks of active pills, and call again with my next period and we'll go from there. I am mildly disappointed, but not too bummed - it will happen when its supposed to and I'm enjoying life as it comes. I think my IM was a little frustrated because if I hadn't started provera its possible it would have taken another week or so for my period and the timing would have worked for her, and we would have been a couple weeks ahead of our now current calendar. It's all good though! :)

Kenneth and I were chatting last night and out of the blue he said I should come to Mobile for the weekend; they're leaving for CA on Sunday and will be gone at least 7 weeks and while they're in CA he probably won't get to talk with me very much since he doesn't think they'll have internet so snap decision, I'm going to Mobile for the weekend! It is HARD to pull off quick decisions like that with Kent and the dogs, but I found a pet friendly hotel and will take at least the 2 small dogs, I'm thinking maybe Max too; Honey (thank GOD for Honey!) said she can watch Kent and they will come check on and feed the dogs for Friday evening and Saturday and I'll be back Sunday afternoon. It's about a 5-5.5 hour drive. Since its going to be just me and Kenneth and I'm only taking small dogs I will be able to take the Vette, so that will be a nice drive! I haven't checked the weather yet, though - hopefully it will be ok and we'll be able to use the pool that's available at the hotel! I'm so excited to have 2 whole days to BE with Kenneth, no errands to run, no tasks to accomplish, no house to keep up after, just me and him (and a couple small furbabies)... :) Yay! I will have to spend some time cleaning and packing tonight, I'll be leaving the house probably around 8:00 tomorrow if I can get it all together by then, I am pretty sure I can since Kent gets on the bus at 7:00 and I don't have to pack up the big dogs this time.


  1. Have fun and be careful! You have a corvette? How lucky! I have a old brokedown van that has 10 million problems and wont stay cranked lol...ttyl

  2. How exciting. Hope you have a great visit!


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