Contracts Signed

We're official! :) Contracts were signed on Thursday now we just wait for my period to show up (and my cycle is NOT being cooperative this month, I still haven't ovulated) and then I'll start lupron on the 21st day of my cycle and we'll go from there!

Kenneth got home late last Tuesday night and I took off Wednesday through Friday to be home with him, we got a few "need to do" things done (got my car taken to the shop and Kenneth got the brakes changed out) and hung out a lot, enjoyed some quiet time, and ran a few "for fun" errands. We watched a few of the shows stored in the DVR I saved for him, and stayed up WAY too late most nights. We ate out a couple times, and I made myself sick two of those times - I am just not used to eating out anymore, I'm used to fixing my own meals and eating pretty simply for the most part.

I baked up 4 loaves of banana bread and we kept one and I sent the rest with Kenneth to share with the Marines on their way back to Alabama. I miss him already... good byes are hard, but this one wasn't as bad as the last one since it was much more low-key, not a big official goodbye like last time. He should be home again in 2 months for a couple weeks and then he heads out again.

I can't believe the week is over and its back to work tomorrow... sigh!

I am planning to start P90X lean program tomorrow, I am so tired of not seeing the number on the scale change even though I've been getting lots of positive feedback from friends and family, I am ready to see some changes that are more noticeable then just my clothes fitting a little bit better.

So, for now, just going to finish enjoying a quiet afternoon...


  1. WTG!! Congrats!!

    Xing fingers and toes that everything will go on smoothly :-)

  2. Glad you got to see your hubs! I know you were happy about that. I cant believe you still haven't O'd! What a long cycle! I upped my estrace today, lining check is next monday transfer is the following monday!


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