September 4th here we come

I get to start sticking myself with needles on September 4th!! WOO HOO! :D It feels a little surreal, and very exciting to have a date in mind to count down towards our first (and hopefully only!!) cycle! I'm nervous and thrilled to be so close to getting pregnant for L&N and am thinking lots and lots of positive thoughts for this cycle.

I talked to the nurse yesterday and they want me to come in for a nurse consult for injectables and calendar instructions/review on the 27th, so that will be next week and then the week after that meds begin... it'll be here very soon!

Kenneth and I have discovered webcams! We had one a long time ago, and after several moves who knows where it ended up, but he told me I should pick one up (his laptop has one built in), so I did and we've spent a couple hours over the last two nights just chatting and "seeing" each other... it has been so great! We're trying to get it in while we can, because in less than a week they head out to CA and will be in an area he probably can't get internet, so I won't be hearing from him as much then. I'm enjoying it while I can... I love seeing his smile. :)


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