The Ultrasound!

I am 7 weeks even today... my ultrasound was scheduled for 2pm. I tried my best to stay super busy at work to keep my mind off things, but it was hard! 12:30 just didn't arrive nearly soon enough!

I headed out of there, and traffic was nice and light, made it to my appt with a few minutes to spare (had to bring my son along as they had early dismissal today), and was called back pretty quickly. One of the few times I've been there when the waiting room wasn't packed!

So, she took me back, and I closeted Kent in the section that you can pull the curtain across and changed, she came in and started the fun with Mr. Weenie Wand and proceeded to take pictures and make clicking noises on the machine and didn't say a WORD to me... after about 45 seconds of that, I started straining my head towards the screen (she had it at my feet, no way I could see), and she then said "I'll move it where you can see in a moment". I breathed a sigh of relief, I knew she wouldn't show me anything if there was something wrong. So, then I waited to hear measurements. They were not forthcoming! I had to pry it out of her at the end. Baby is measuring exactly 7w0d right on track! The heartrate was 158 bpm. All looking good!!

I called "I" as soon as I walked out the door and passed on the news, she wanted to see the pics right away, but I don't have a working scanner at home, so I'll have to scan them at work tomorrow. I will mail them the video of the u/s.

All is going well, I am SO excited for them, just thrilled that everything looks so good and strong right now. I cannot wait to get past these next 5 weeks and into the 2nd tri; I am breating a little easier tonight, but I'll be even that much more relieved when we pass 12 weeks.

My next appt right now is scheduled for the 12th for more labs, and the 18th for my "1st OB" (more labs!)


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