8 weeks and counting!

Wow, past the 8 week mark; still feeling pretty nauseated and I wake up starving and in need of the bathroom so I'm pretty sure all is well!!

I think this is going to be a big baby, my stomach is creeping outward definitely, slowly, but its sure there! And I've now lost 5lbs since our transfer, so I know I'm not just gaining a bunch of weight! (I look like it though!) I will be so thrilled when this trimester is over - a little less than 6 weeks I believe. I had labs done on Tuesday the 12th and should hopefully hear back on the results today. I think they're only checking my progesterone and estradial now that they've seen an heartbeat.

I cannot wait for the shots to end; my hips are getting really numb and I worry about long term damage. I hope there won't be any, and I guess its not the end of the world if there is, but still!

Yesterday was my son's class Christmas party that I helped out with. It was a lot of fun, what a great little classroom! Lots of parents attended as well which was neat. His teacher is so terrific.

When he came home from school we did a post office run and mailed out lots of presents, and then did more Christmas shopping for the remaining family memebers who live in Washington; I intend to wrap those up tonight and mail them on Saturday.

Donna (my MIL) and I are going curtain fabric shopping on Saturday as well; I'm so excited! We've been in our home going on 3 years and still don't have curtains in the living room. I can't WAIT until that's done, it will look great, and really help with the glare we get on the TV!

I have a little bit of a cold still, but am much better than I was earlier this week. T&I asked me if I could to stay home on Tuesday and I really, really appreciate that because I think it is a big reason I'm on my way to recovery now. I laid in bed all day Tuesday I was so tired and weak feeling. It seems everyone is getting sick at work; so many germs floating around!

Well, I'll wrap this up for now! My next appt is this coming Monday; LOTS more lab work! Oh what fun! :)


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