Results from 11/27 Appt and Excited for Tomorrow!

I never came back and updated when I finally heard back from my OB with my 11/27 labwork results!

Progesterone: 57.5
Estradiol: 1325
Beta hcG: 7,037

Everything is still looking good! The doubling rate slowed to about 2.8 days if I remember when I looked it up; still good but I am now 99.9% certain we have 1 little baby and not 2. Part of me wonders if perhaps we started with 2, but only 1 continued to grow. I remember 2 very distinct twinging/cramping episodes on opposite sides of my uterus 3 and 4 days post transfer...

My IPs are SO excited; IM and I talked for awhile yesterday and it was good to catch up with her! She said some of the sweetest things about wanting me to be involved and letting me know her baby will always know about me, and what an amazing thing she feels I am doing. They feel so blessed by me, and I feel so incredibly blessed by them... I am beyond excited for them!

I think IM and I will both feel tons better after we see a heartbeat tomorrow; both of us are excited, but still feeling a little reserved. I have that worry in the back of my mind that it will be like the very last ultrasound I had when I learned my baby had passed at 8 weeks. I want SO badly for all to go well for T&I, and most of me really believes it will! I think part of me just can't help be a little nervous.

Anyhow, I also go today for more bloodwork, this afternoon. But won't get results probably until Friday or Monday next week; the ultrasound is more important (at least to me) at this point!! :) Can't wait to update tomorrow!!


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