Labs Finally Back!!

Well, my OB's office FINALLY sent off some of the results from my past 3 blood draws and my first ultrasound to Cooper! Becky called me back and relayed the news, she has been so cool about everything!

I didn't write down the exact numbers, but I believe my Dec. 26th blood results were:

Estradiol - over 2,000
Progesterone - ~ 79

She said the important thing is that everything is going really well, so the rest doesn't matter so much. She made me feel better about how hard its been to get results sent out to them!

The WONDERFUL news is I get to reduce my PIO to every other day!! The rest of my meds stay the same, but that's so many less shots, I am SO thrilled!! :) I don't have to do labs again until December 9th, so I get a full week with no doctor appointments. Too cool!!


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