10 weeks preggo today! :)

Wow, time is already flying by! Christmas came and went and here it is almost 2007; and what a year it will be!

I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks 5 days on the 18th of December and there was a little bean with a heartrate of 160 floating around in there! The OB saw little armbuds forming and everything looked great. The bean measured 2 days behind, but no one seemed worried about that. I had gone in for my "First OB" appt and met with the midwife and had a general physical. The midwife tried to listen for the baby's heartbeat with the doppler but couldn't quite get it. That made me nervous (I was having flash backs to the last time I went in and they couldn't find a heart beat). So, to reassure us both, she took me back and tried to do an on-the-tummy ultrasound to see if she could pick up the heart beat that way. All we could see was the sac. I got really nervous then! So, asked my OB to pop in for a quick internal u/s to see, and everything was just fine!

I am feeling very pregnant, lots of nausea still. I had a couple days where it seemed to be decreasing (and that made me nervous) followed by now 3 days of pretty regular heavy queasiness and nausea! So, I'm pretty sure all is well with this baby bean! I won't see the OB again until January 15th, but I have weekly lab appointments between now and then. There's been some hold ups and my OB office has yet to get results from the past two weeks to Cooper, so I haven't heard from them in awhile! I spoke to a nurse yesterday who seemed very helpful and I am praying Cooper gets results today so I can get some continued instructions. I'm hopeful that I might be allowed to start decreasing some of my meds. I'm still on 1cc pio daily, 1 estrace pill daily, 2 progesterone suppositories daily and .35cc delestrogen every 3 days.

I have been really tired lately, well I guess I've been tired for over a month now! :) Kenneth keeps asking if I wore mascara and calling me raccoon eyes! I have dark circles under my eyes. The thing is I'm sleeping GREAT! I sleep like a rock, other than occassionally waking up for bathroom trips (I think I practically sleep walk through those)!

I've been eating a piece of fruit every night before going to sleep to help ward off any painful hunger cramps, it seems to be working well! I really love the clementines and have gone through 1 1/2 crates so far (the small crates). I eat about 2 every day. Fruit seems to have replaced junk food sweets for me, I haven't had the desire to eat hardly any candy or other sweets lately, even over Christmas I only had a couple cookies and 1 piece of cake.

Kenneth pulled down my tub of maternity clothes last night and I started going through them to see what fits now, whats for later, what is too out of style, all that good stuff. I am definitely in maternity pants full time now, my regular pants make my stomach sore.

I guess that is enough of an update for the moment!


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