Update On Travel Plans

Well, I got a call from Fran this afternoon - looks like we'll have to bump our plans by a week, some issues with Doctor's being out of office and having to reschedule their priority appointments for the week we were supposed to go. So, I'm waiting for the final confirmation, but it sounds like we'll head out early on Thursday May 11th and plan on doing most if not all of our testing that day - meeting T&I and Fran for breakfast Thursday instead of dinner as we'd originally thought we'd do. We'll spend Thursday night, and fly back early Friday afternoon. I must confess to being slightly disappointed, of course, and I know my IPs will be too!! But, it's just 1 more week, and I know that's really nothing in the scheme of things! So, I'll just have to check with my MIL about watching Kent those days instead and make sure it's ok with Kenneth, and hopefully we'll be set! 19 more days!! :)

Ok, time to go fix pot roast for my honey who just got home - yay!


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