4 Cultures Down... Who Knows How Many To Go!!

Well, it didn't go QUITE as smoothly as I'd hoped! I got to the OB's office at 3:30 for my 3:40 appt, and they didn't see me until 5pm! I was getting so annoyed sitting there in the very full lobby for over an hour!! As usual though, Dr. Green was awesome and made me laugh as he took the cervical cultures. He was humming and bebopping around, he says you have to have fun where you can - I said not at the expense of my cervix!

Well, I was supposed to have taken the cultures for the gonorrhea and chlamydia straight to FedEx to be sent to Memorial, but the drop off closed at 5:30, and I didn't leave the OB until 5:45, and then drove around for 15 minutes and couldn't even find the address the FedEx website had listed... AHHHHH!! I was so frustrated, and worried that I had screwed something up.

I took the cultures home, and e-mailed Fran this morning to let her know what had happened, she called the lab and they said the 1-day delay wouldn't be a problem. I dropped them off at the FedEx drop box outside the Post Office this morning - their pick up is at 4pm. It's pretty cool and overcast today, so I hope the cultures are ok - I guess worst case scenario I would have to re-do them, but hopefully that won't be neccessary and everything will be fine!!

Next we should hear back on the cultures around the end of the week, and then Fran should be getting our plane tickets and lining up our itinerary next.


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